Penetrating Gaze of the Heart

I’d like to offer a prophetic warning: Don’t look for an Antichrist figure. This is not the right time for that. Rather, look for the way the demonic spirit of Antichrist works in these times of tribulation. Ignore how the mainstream and alternative media all try to stir up the fear of one ultimate evil or another.

I hope I’ve succeeded in convincing you, dear readers, that I do not favor any political candidate for any office in the US. How often do we need to say it? God does not deal favorably with any nation that ignores the applicable Law Covenant, and that would be Noah’s Covenant in the case of Western Civilization. Without acknowledging and making at least some claim to embrace that covenant, no Western nation can pretend God is personally involved in their affairs. God rules the non-covenant nations like herding cows; they don’t acknowledge Him and He doesn’t bless them directly. He rules them with an iron rod because they refuse to be family.

Any apparent blessings are incidental. You and I can harvest some measure of covenant blessings because we personally strive to bring our personal domain under the covenant, but that’s about as far as it goes. Neither candidate is any part Messiah or Antichrist, because the system itself is already damned. Without the earmarks of covenant — even a fake one — there’s no attempt to fool heart-led believers (what the Bible calls “the elect”). The folks who are fooled are not heart-led, but rely on tradition, intellect and just about anything except the heart.

I’ve joked about Trump because I was pretty sure God had branded him as the next president (sticking with the symbolism of cattle herding). It’s part of a broader pattern of what I call the right-wing backlash. But I don’t favor him; I’m just preparing for what seems our obvious fate. Nor do I hold any particular spite for Clinton, but I’m convinced from what I know of this country that, if she were to win, it’s likely she would be assassinated. There would be a civil war at the least. The system has run its course and things will change. There will be massive breakage, but the system won’t simply end completely.

There’s going to be some really ugly political shifts and the system will be thoroughly shaken in the next few years. One of the biggest changes is exposure; given the current trends, an awful lot of stuff will be leaked or outright exposed that has long been secret from the world. The future political trends will take that into account, or they won’t survive. The gloves are coming off. I’m willing to bet most of you can see that already.

But just because there is a massive opening of secrets doesn’t mean everything spilled is trustworthy. You should be cynical and skeptical; treat most leaks as intentional. Precious few leakers are selfless and honest, and some of them are insiders using selective leaks as the path of least damage for whatever they represent. Even Snowden says stuff that will mislead you, and we can’t begin to guess why. Did you ever wonder why the stuff he leaked was so old, out of date and obsolete? This is why I keep telling you that facts are untrustworthy; read it with your heart to see the moral implications.

And God help you if you suffer any brand of patriotism, because patriotism is inherently idolatrous. It’s one thing to love your fellow citizens, but all governments and systems of government are inherently illegitimate in terms of our covenant living. They unanimously reject the Covenant of Noah (and Israel rejects the Covenant of Moses, since well before Christ walked the earth). But if you tend to put any trust in government agencies or national institutions, you are walking in darkness. The US military will not save us when things go sour in government. The CIA? They are in the running for the nations worst threat. Everything you think is coming at the US to harm us was planned, funded and provoked by the CIA. I could go on at length, but you get the point.

For that matter, don’t follow me, either. I’m not leading in that sense. I’m begging you to see through the lies and make your own heart-led decisions. I could be wrong on all kinds of things, but your heart won’t lie to you. Pray for the wisdom to discern what your heart says about everything around you. Your brain will lie, because it has no power to handle moral deception, but your heart knows. Follow that.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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