Epistemology Wars

It’s everywhere. Every day I encounter some dispute where the opposing sides speak past each other, because each assumes a radically different reality. It’s polarizing because there is no debate at all, just yelling spite at each other as if neither side can imagine how the other could possibly disagree without forfeiting all claims to logic.

I suspect most of my readers are like me, not too happy with either side in this war of words. On the other hand, am I alone in thinking I’m a little closer to George Carlin than to the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs)? I swear I could never participate in public education ever again, because it’s largely owned by the SJWs, from preschool up through graduate schools. Then again, I’d probably find myself ostracized at a lot of private schools, too — especially the ones claiming to be Christian.

A related dispute is between the globalists and the nationalists — commies versus fascists, in practice. The polarization will result in bloodshed soon enough. I don’t favor the fascists, but they are going to win the next round here in the West, so we better get ready for it. This dispute manifests in the current international argument over Syria. The commie West is in panic because they were caught lying; they bombed the Syrian troops defending themselves against ISIS. Oh, and it looks like the evidence supports the idea a US drone fired a missile on the aid convoy in Aleppo, and then insisted Russia is to blame. It’s not that I’m in favor of Assad or Russia either one, but they are going to win this next round. Meanwhile, their opposition is using the most bizarre rhetoric.

The polarization is a false dichotomy. We don’t have to support either side, because there are simply two natural manifestations of Western epistemology. The whole argument is inherent in Western Civilization, a sort of bogus yin-yang conflict that never balances because the two sides are implacable. We can generally characterize nationalism as the masculine warrior mythology, whereas globalism is the result of feminist nest-building mythology. It’s not hard to see how that model stands behind all the various polarizing disputes we see in the world. Having rejected the Western epistemology, we are totally outside the whole thing.

Yet, we are stuck right in the middle of it. That is, we cannot escape the real-world implications of this warfare. Yet we are at war in our way, in the sense that we reject the fundamental assumptions about reality that have made all this folly mandatory. But our warfare is rooted in our otherworldly assumptions, so we fight in an entirely different manner. Indeed, God and His Creation carry the fight for us, since all we do is try to find our place and hang on as Our Sovereign carries His plans forward. By choosing God and His moral character revealed in Creation, we are choosing sides against the worldly assumptions of our Western society.

And we win. Not because they go down in flames, though they do in the long run. But we win by the very choice to withdraw from their worldly orientation. We don’t take this life too seriously; death is not a tragedy but a promotion to the next level of living. We invest our efforts in understanding God’s ways on this plane of existence so we can conform the eternal plane in advance of arriving there. Meanwhile, we have the bonus of truly enjoying this world because God shows us its true nature when we opt to move the focus of our awareness from the head to the heart. Victory here is a matter of getting deeper into the heart-mind; we kick our intellects off the throne and crown the heart-mind the ruler over the head-mind. This is what reverses the Fall and begins our release from the Curse of the Fall.

We don’t fight other people, but the fallen nature within ourselves. The rest is just picking up the plunder that God drops for us. Our divine inheritance is beyond comprehension.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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