Photography: Testing iPhone Ideas

01rrbridgeAs always, click on any image to see it full-sized. CTRL-click will open the image in a separate browser tab.

02old-n-newI’m reading some tutorials on iPhone camera features. For us old people, there is almost nothing intuitive about it, so I have to read the stuff “for dummies” to catch up with the kids who were born with these things in their hands. Today I tested ideas with light adjustments and composition. I’m a little disturbed at how wide open these electricity panels are, but that’s a sample of my old Military Police thinking. All the old stuff is still attached and the newer, more secure boxes are on the right.

03garageThe pictures were shot in the vicinity of the Uptown Center and the St. Phillip Neri Catholic Church. They don’t have to mean anything at all. For example, this was built as a shop, but I recall at one time it was a club, and now it’s just private storage.

05alleyI don’t think like a real photographer; I can’t. I’m too busy trying to engage the world around me on a heart level. While I’m sure there are photographers who do that, I doubt many of them are conscious of it.06wallsign For me, it’s the starting place. I have only a modicum of natural talent, but I wait for Creation itself to call out to me and tell me what deserves a shot. You have to decide what, if anything, it says to you.

07journalbldgI’m always impressed with the design of the old Oklahoma Journal Building. It’s still vacant, and I’ll bet the lease rate is astronomical, but it’s a lovely building and protected by the state’s historical commission.

08roserowThe gardener for the Catholic church does a pretty good job.

08watertank This last image is actually a giant water tank mostly underground. It’s part of a series of similar tanks used to prepare water for delivery to end users. I discovered that the iPhone does a crappy job of zooming; the picture has some noise.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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