Photography: After the Rain

01oldtruckAs always, click on any image to see it full-sized. CTRL-click will open the image in a separate browser tab.

Storms blew in last night. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t be back before nightfall again, so I decided to visit some picturesque spots to see them with a higher water level. But whatever it started out to be, the whole thing was dampened (pun intended) by taking a spill early in the ride. Nothing major, but my right hand took the brunt of my fall. The heel of my hand was bruised pretty good and wrist became quite pressure sensitive. Nothing broken or damaged, but I decided I wouldn’t be going quite so far as I had hoped. (For those wondering, that’s a 1952 Ford pickup, I believe.)

04crutchocreekSoldier Creek was up somewhat in the park, but I didn’t want to disturb the lady contemplating at my favorite spot, so I rode by without taking pictures. With the south wind at my back, it was pretty quick getting down to the North Canadian River where it crosses Midwest Boulevard. Here was something a little odd: the river wasn’t up very high at that point. Apparently the upstream tributaries — Crooked Oak and Cherry Creeks — weren’t contributing all that much. However, Crutcho Creek (with the help of Soldier Creek) was a good bit higher than normal.

02ncanne63rd-aSo downstream a ways below Crutcho Creek, where the river crosses under NE 63rd, was much deeper. First I shot upstream next to the sand dredging operation. Then I shot downstream; on this north side of the bridge, the prominent sandbars were underwater.03ncanne63rd-a

So much more I wanted to see, but by this time I could barely put any pressure on my right hand. And I knew it was a headwind all the way home, so I started back and took my time. It was still a pretty good workout, but I’m disappointed with having to cut it off so soon. Ah, well; there should be more storms, maybe tonight, and for sure tomorrow, so I may not be able to ride much anyway.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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