Let Me Blather

I don’t take myself too seriously, and neither should you take me seriously. Listen to your convictions. Indeed, your heart will point out to you that reality itself cannot be trusted. This is why we cannot let the intellect rule, because the intellect, on its own, cannot see past apparent reality. It’s stuck in the Shadowlands and requires a word from our Creator to know how to approach things.

Political analysis is a hobby for me. On the one hand, nothing of any great moral significance happens in human politics. If humans will not turn to a heart-led life, then they will not have the blessings of God’s moral guidance and they will never quite understand this broken reality in which we live. Nothing they decide will be more than moving dirt from one place to another. On the other hand, moving dirt does have some practical implications in the sense that it shapes the perspective of our human perceptions. We apply the moral truth of God to the context in which we live; the heart informs the brain. While I claim that my analysis is heart-led, I cannot pretend that it stands on a par with prophecy.

It’s likely I will miss things. What you should learn from this is how I apply moral truth to what I see. And keep in mind that my sense of calling is somewhat confined to the United States. I want the whole human race to walk in heart-led truth, and I’m glad to share with anyone who can understand my words, but in terms of actual hands-on work, I’m called to serve Americans. Thus, my political blather is mostly about the US, and I’m quite sure I can trust God to reveal to everyone else how any of this applies to their lives.

Whatever we might have had in the past, America is no longer a two-party system. We still have the form of one, but what’s actually going on behind the scenes is something entirely different. I’m hardly the only person to see this, but most of those who share this perception aren’t writing in these terms. We have three partisan agendas:

1. Globalists — I’ve described them variously as communists or socialists because they are some of both. However it’s not true to doctrine because that merely explains how these oligarchs plan to govern the rest of us. Indeed, it’s very doctrinaire in another sense: These people are perfectly willing to destroy everything in order to force all of humanity under one governing elite. They don’t care at all how many lives are lost in the process. This includes all of the folks who are feminist, social justice warriors, resting on political correctness, political liberalism/progressivism, etc. They are just a vicious and spiteful as those they castigate.

2. Imperialists — This is the best label for how neocons look at things. Again, it calls for an oligarchy that does not share it’s wisdom with the subjects, but manipulates and lies to everyone outside their circle. They are also ideologues in the sense that they are convinced they alone properly understand what is good and right, and they don’t care what they have to destroy to assert their moral vision on humanity. So they are perfectly willing to engage in nuclear warfare, because if they can’t have their vision imposed on the world, no one else can have theirs. “If we don’t do it, someone else will.” They don’t care a whit about liberalism versus conservatism, but will wear whichever mask allows them to herd the sheeple.

3. Nationalists — They consider themselves realists. These are the true believers in the nation-state doctrine of different strokes for different folks, but keep it inside your borders. You can have your religion any way you like it, but the interaction between nation-states must remain utterly secular and rational. The secularized cynicism is obvious. They are aghast at the idea of nuclear war, but don’t mind keeping a few nukes around just in case. And it’s not too bad an idea for everyone to have some nukes, so long as the government that holds them plays by the secularist rules. There will be wars, of course, but it works a lot better if you can negotiate trade to get what you want. Here in the US, this third one is currently associated with middle-class materialism and conservative values. It tends to fascism.

When in the course of human misbehavior we come to economic collapse, you can bet the nationalists are going to win. And we are almost there. Take a look around the world and you’ll see a rise in nationalist brutality because that is the default answer of human reason when things get tough economically, particularly in light of the social unrest that comes with it.

We experienced a major political shift between WW2 up to about 1970. Since that time, the Democrats have generally been a mixture of mostly globalists. The Republican Party was mostly a combination of imperialists and nationalists. However, times are getting tough and there is a realignment under way. We have to learn to recognize where we are and where things are likely to go from here. This may well be the last election with those two parties controlling the process.

Here in the US, the entire entertainment/news establishment is globalist. A large portion of our political leaders are globalist, as well as a significant number of plutocrat wealthy folks. They have a lot of money to invest in their dreams, and some of them are more about the money than the vision. But the global economic system is grinding to a halt, so these folks are in panic mode. The gloves have come off and the mainstream media (MSM) no longer pretends to be objective and unbiased. If you pay attention to the MSM, you’ll hear nothing but desperate globalist lying. A majority of the technology industry is also on board with this.

Of course, imperialism is all about the money. It’s nothing but plutocrats, the politics of corporate plutocrats who aren’t tied to the media. Sure, you’ll find some few wealthy media and technology folks in this camp, but not many of the ones you would likely recognize as household names. The ones who do make some noise are still trying to retain their grip on the nationalists. However, the extravagant waste of imperialism has run its course and the system is breaking down, so they are also starting to panic.

Meanwhile, a significant portion of plutocrats realize that when the global economic system fails, their only hope to is to reduce debt liabilities by pulling in their bets behind the national hedge. We cannot estimate any numbers, in part because some of those plutocrats are wavering opportunists. However, the smart money is on nationalism, and this is attractive to a lot of lesser plutocrats who couldn’t stomach the kind of choices necessary to be bigger players in the global debt system. They realize that the biggest players are going to lose it all very quickly and this is their day in the sun.

This realignment is fundamental to mass human nature, so long as humans ignore the guidance of their hearts. Thus, even if Trump gets assassinated or Clinton’s activists hijack the voting process, she will have gained nothing. This is the direction we are going. And if the imperialists kick off a major war, it will only hasten the process of economic collapse and fascism will be even uglier than it already is. Yes, Trump will open the door to fascism, but it can be a little softer if the globalists and imperialists are throttled by current political processes.

The only prophetic element in all of this is the warning that those affected by American political policies need to organize their thinking along the lines of seeing the fall of the economy and the rise of nationalism.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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