Start with Me

In the Bible, the image of contemplation is far more than mere cerebral processing. It is the image of deferring to the heart, bouncing ideas off your convictions to discern the moral truth that only your heart can know. In this way alone can you know what God wants from you and for you.

Polling data is a product of the mainstream media (MSM). What you may not recognize is that the MSM is your enemy. Contemplate this for just a moment. I’m reluctant to hold your hand too tightly on this because I revere the power of God to speak to your heart, same as mine. What I ask is that you try to become aware of sources of news and information that are not MSM. Granted, the alternative news sites are a minefield of fakes planted by the MSM, at times even funded behind the scenes by government agencies. But if you take some time in prayerful contemplation in the face your convictions, I believe you can discover that some of these alternative sources are at least sincere. To imagine that the MSM reflects the will of the people is too stupid to answer.

I’ve previously noted that major portions of our government are globalist in sympathies. Globalists are folks who are determined to destroy all national governments and pull us all under a single global government. And the philosophical tilt of that government will be leftist, AKA socialist-communist. It is highly materialistic with a false veneer of altruism and other moral pretenses. The true nature of it is the Cult of Oester, the devious arrogant mother figure that promotes “smothering” instead of mothering. All the most despicable forms of political correctness and social justice warfare are a trademark of that cult. This is what lies behind the MSM, most forms of entertainment that get any air time, and a significant portion of the technology industry. And they will not hesitate to deceive and manipulate those who don’t agree with them.

Most computer geeks are also socially liberal, but still somewhat in favor of anarchy, so they tend to be hands-off about content on the Net. Thus, in effect, the Internet community is libertarian, which is why you can still find online a lot of antidotes to the MSM message. Reading widely online, you can discern that, while we are beset by a very loud minority of globalists and imperialists, the vast majority of the American population is quite nationalist. The globalists are everywhere, and terribly influential, but when things get chaotic, that nationalist instinct kicks in very quickly. To whatever degree the average American might seem to espouse some measure of social justice thinking, it’s just a fragile shell held in place by massive MSM noise.

So while Congress tends to be a raucous mixture of globalists, imperialists and nationalists, the administration is globalist. The Supreme Court is somewhat less so, but still quite progressive compared to the population. A critical element in what globalists are doing to manipulate us is to make the whole world such a hideous mess that they can sucker us into accepting their brand of global government. Of course, they blame the mess on everyone who opposes them. “If you would have just done things our way, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” Can you not recognize that as the best single manifestation of the influence of The Cult?

If you are part of the nationalist majority of ordinary Americans, the MSM and current Whitehouse occupants are your sworn enemy. For a slightly different reason, the imperialist Pentagon is also your enemy. The globalist CIA is your enemy. The NSA is their own thing, though they overlap somewhat with nationalism; they surveil but don’t do much with the data they collect. The FBI is nationalist with globalist leadership, and very near to an internal revolt. Most of the several million federal bureaucrats tend to be nationalist, but they still aren’t your friends because they are under the sway of the paranoid hive mind. And for all of my evangelical patriot friends, I warn you that the Zionists are lying globalists, too, with no intention of meeting the actual requirements for your End Times dreams.

But for those of us who live by the heart-mind and are loyal to Christ on that higher level, we only appear to some as globalists because we offer very little genuine loyalty to any of the partisan interests in the US (or any other government, for that matter). Those partisans are our enemies because we don’t offer sufficient enthusiastic support for their agenda, but we aren’t hostile to them. We are critical of their immoral agendas because we are committed to a higher moral plane to which they are hostile. There are times we can play along with their choices because it offers us a chance to promote a heart-led life in seeking the glory of God. But by no means does any human agenda attract our loyalty. We know that the whole mess of human politics reflects the hand of God herding cattle, beasts that refuse to rise above their beastly level of awareness. We don’t fight what they are doing because that’s not our calling.

So we keep an eye on the passing scene because we seek opportunities to exploit human folly for Our Lord’s glory. There’s a high probability the US will drag NATO partners into a war against Russia, and/or China, very soon. There’s a high probability we may face various kinds of Internet disruption in the near future. It’s virtually guaranteed that the global banking system will break down in one sense or another. Lots of trade will be disrupted and general economic welfare will decline. Western nations are currently being overrun with hostile migrants, refugees from alien cultures intent on destroying Western Civilization.

And if you haven’t noticed the rising plagues and natural disasters, you aren’t paying attention. Here in the US, NASA predicts a 20-30 year drought in the southwest. Picture Hollywood crumbling into a desert waste. California agriculture is already declining rapidly. And every week a new plague pops up that threatens food or humans directly in some part of the country.

God’s wrath is upon America, and maybe other countries, but that’s not my calling to say. But as I’ve explained before, His wrath is woven into His blessings. That is, what we see is God turning His attention on this country, and His attention burns away sin. Whatever sin has produced goes with it. If you cling to sin, you’ll get burned. If you are eager to shed your sin, His attention brings blessing because it’s cleansing. So with all the saints watching us in Heaven, let’s cry out:

Bring your wrath against sin, O Lord, and start with mine.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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5 Responses to Start with Me

  1. Christine says:

    Amen!! Preach it Ed!

    Love that last line, love it.


  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    I’m reminded of some old lyrics…

    I desire the end
    The touch of Armageddon
    This world encased in flames
    Bodies lie beneath fallen kingdoms


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    Your taste for obscure metal music amuses me. I wonder how many readers ever heard of Zao?


  4. Jay DiNitto says:

    Maybe some might have heard? They are still together and making music…a rare feat for their subgenre.


  5. Ed Hurst says:

    Possibly, but I’m quite sure the song lyrics in question had little to do with what I was saying. 😉


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