Civics Lesson

Today I’m playing the Social Studies Teacher role again. For what it’s worth, that was my professional teacher certification. I’m no longer in that field of work because I refused to conform to the political pressures from progressives who run the system. The difference here is that I teach from the heart and to the heart. I’ve been trying to inject a little heart-led realism into our understanding of politics in America so that no one is shocked as things turn painful and ugly.

I suppose that somewhere in the clutter of your mind, you are aware that the plebiscite for President of the United States (POTUS) is not really where it’s at. The real deal is the Electoral College.

If Trump wins, by no matter how great or small margin, we cannot expect what he calls the “Corporate Media” and the Obama-Clinton Machine suddenly to capitulate, admit defeat, promise to behave from now on, and dutifully report the steps taken by the Trump transition team in anticipation of Inauguration Day.

So yes, the incumbent leadership will try their best to fight a Trump victory. If the general election voters don’t generate a landslide result, things get very dicey over the following forty days. In one sense, a landslide would not make that much difference either way, because the nation is so fiercely and totally polarized that the losers will refuse to accept the results. Where a landslide makes a difference is how it affects the grass roots support of activism. It should be obvious that, with more obvious grass roots support, the activist leaders will be much bolder. Without that support, they will be more secretive and dirty, but no less determined. The full-time activists are true believers.

In a certain sense, the activists on both sides are correct. That is, we are at a national turning point that can’t be put off any longer. While there is an unknown portion of US residents likely to grudgingly accept the results of any election, that group is shrinking because of the economic losses the US has suffered. Those who have lost much will be less distracted by the fear of losing their creature comforts. This increases the pool of available activists on both sides of this presidential election, and most of them are thoroughly radicalized. We can expect bloodshed no matter which way it goes. The only difference it makes is what flavor of violence we will see.

The inevitable general level of violence after the election depends on two primary factors: who wins and by how much. First, a narrow election result means the pressure begins immediately on the Electors. It also means there will be more activists at work because they’ll believe there’s still a chance to change the outcome, in effect if not in official fact. A landslide means more disillusionment for the losers, and only the most thuggish will remain active in opposing the results. Trust me: There are plenty of thugs on both sides. The difference is that the rightists are more likely to use guns on a wide scale, even as they are more likely to play by “the rules.” The leftists are more likely to ignore any rules and laws, but they typically don’t have guns. The other factor — who wins — determines which brand of thugs we will see in action.

Of course, I’ve already been trying to explain how it’s not really left versus right, but globalist versus imperialist versus nationalist. In this election, the imperialists are the spoilers. They are a mixed group with varying degrees of loyalty to nationalism; it’s quite possible logically to be both at the same time. Others could care less, so long as they get what they want from the process. It’s harder to know what they will decide is in their best interest when crunch time arrives. However, we can bet that they will be at least as thuggish as the Clintonites, and probably more deadly.

Oddly, we end up with some reversals over everyone’s favorite historical comparison of Nazi Germany. For example, while a Trump win will unleash a certain level of fascism, it’s the Clintonites who are acting like Brown Shirts or Storm Troopers — whose primary duty was sabotaging the opposition by mostly violent means. In our case, Trump supporters are more likely to be reactive, not proactive, because that’s one of “the rules” they still believe in. But once the reaction begins and the momentum gets rolling, that’s when we should expect to see the right-wing backlash I’ve long predicted. Unfortunately, the targets of that backlash will more likely be the progressive moderates, not the extremists who provoked that reaction. The extremists will run and hide, gladly allowing someone else to take the heat. But look for a reverse political correctness in a right-wing backlash.

But if Clinton somehow lands in the office of POTUS, we’ll still have that backlash for a different reason, and it will take a different shape. Her promise to use presidential fiat to seize privately owned firearms will be the breaking point. I’m convinced that, in the current context, it simply won’t happen. That in itself will likely be the single galvanizing issue.

At this point I need to clarify something. In the past I’ve expressed a strong cynicism about the noise from the patriot underground on the issue of gun confiscation. Back at that time, the context pointed in that direction. Keep in mind that I’ve also since that time said that reality has shifted. I don’t say that glibly. There really has been a radical change in things, and I can’t rightly say what is behind it, only that God has put everything on an alternate track. It’s hard to explain and hard to believe unless you are genuinely heart-led. Perhaps as recently as a year ago, engaging in the Prepper activities was a wise choice, because we were headed for a general disaster of that sort. But now we aren’t. I’m still in a bit of mental shock over the change and struggling to pull down the implications into my brain.

At any rate, one of the implications I do grasp is that we should no longer expect the gun grabbers to succeed. Their leadership has taken a wholly unrealistic path, which includes having alienated the very bureaucracy that would have made it happen. I am convinced a Clinton presidency would face a general mutiny from critical elements in the federal bureaucracy. I can’t prove it with factual evidence, but this what I see from a heart level. That paranoid hive-mind sees a threat; the Obama Administration has really soured things for them because of constant violations of the bureaucratic rules. The political appointees at the top of various agencies are facing a growing mutiny, and I think it’s near the tipping point of what the real leadership in those agencies can tolerate — not least of which is the FBI.

For myself, I still believe that Trump will win. I’m expecting riots, and it will provoke a harsh backlash. I also expect a dramatic change in the political system here in the US. Since at least the Truman Administration, presidents have all been restricted by the system of shadow government. Trump is likely to break that pattern, not because he’s such a charismatic leader, but because he’s the first one smart enough to know how to negotiate with the shadow government to get what he wants. Some of it we most certainly will not like. But my point here is that this is a good time to learn how to deal peacefully with law enforcement, because their discretionary power is going to increase. It’s under threat now because of political activism, but that’s going to be crushed. With the general economic malaise becoming ever more painful, the bulk of the American population is in no mood to put up with social disorder. (Security work will be a growing job market.) It’s going to be called a racist backlash, and it will look like it, and it will partly be that. However, that’s largely because, in our current context, the folks most likely to riot will also most likely be non-white.

Don’t get trapped in that sewer. There’s almost nothing we can do to turn this ship; God is controlling the winds. What we can do is live by our hearts and strive to show others that such is the ultimate reality. God his herding humanity according to His inscrutable and ineffable will, but He has most certainly told us how to seize a lion’s share of His blessings, and it starts with not getting entangled in human political distractions. Be aware of them so that you can offer compassion to those who get hurt by all this stuff, but don’t let it get to you. You’ll notice in the New Testament that the writers were aware of the Roman Imperial government policies and how it affected their gospel mission, but that the mission has long outlasted that ancient empire.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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