Apocalypse Not Yet

This is your chance to write me off as a complete nut-case.

I want to show you the logic behind my political analysis. You should already know that I hold Western Civilization in contempt, and that I do not at all support the American political system. I tolerate it because that’s what the Bible teaches we should do. I’ll play along and try to avoid making trouble, choosing the path of political least resistance. It’s not as if I can do anything about this system; I’m convinced my God is in control of things. We do not qualify in any way as a covenant nation, but He controls things like a rancher herding cattle. The power elite here don’t have a clue, believing themselves free to choose, never discerning the nature of how they are constrained. And the US is the worst about ignoring God’s revealed will.

America ignores revelation in the sense that she refuses to understand it on His terms. The US was born of the Enlightenment; she is the quintessence of Enlightenment philosophy, a mixture of pagan influences pretending to give God due credit. Meanwhile, her behavior and noise constitutes a flat rejection of what God said about the social and political structure of which He approves. Because He’s been very patient, the US is completely clueless about the coming wrath. You can embrace His covenant or you can find yourself thrashed by that covenant, but the covenant stands (the Covenant of Noah, in this case).

Noah requires a tribal social structure and eastern feudal government. There’s no getting around that; you cannot obey God’s Laws for this earth without that system. It’s a prerequisite. The covenant makes no sense without it.

So while I might consider certain particular choices somewhat benign, nothing in our culture and government is good. It’s all inherently evil. God runs the system by His divine wisdom and for His inscrutable purposes. We respect our leaders like we would ornery longhorn bulls — they are not wise and not chosen, just powerful and dangerous. They are just a part of the ecosystem of the herd; you can’t have a herd without them. We should shape our expectations for them accordingly. The goofiest thing I face from church folks is a bogus assumption that prissy Victorian morals are from the Bible, and their pretense of holding our leaders to those standards.

Indeed, the single most important trait in any leader is not any kind of moral goodness by any definition, but only that they be somewhat honest and open with us, and boldly anti-Victorian. That doesn’t make them good leaders, but it does make them tolerable in a non-covenant nation. If God gives us someone who boldly speaks without heavy doses of cover-up and deception, we should expect things to move forward without our world just coming apart. It means God is giving our nation a little breathing room.

Again, I remind you that I am utterly convinced that God changed His plans for America sometime in the recent past. I won’t pretend I could pin it down to some specific time, but I gained a dawning awareness over the past year. Some of you have said you experienced something similar independently. Whereas we all knew of a certainty that the US was about to fall very hard and be destroyed, now that has been put off a while longer. Our national apocalypse has been delayed. Instead, we now have no particular need to prepare for the worst. There will be some bad stuff, but nothing like it would have been before the shift.

Nor can I pretend to explain why I have zero worries about the economy, but I do have some concerns about the banking system. They aren’t the same thing; with sufficient moxie and understanding, we could let the banking system collapse and still keep the economy running. I’m convinced God is going to let it happen that way. I’m also convinced that the US will remain intact in the sense of the union of states. I’m pretty sure there will be bloodshed, but it won’t destroy the union (at last not this time around). We’ll also suffer some harsh natural disasters and some other bad stuff I can’t guess, but it won’t be sufficient to end the national identity. Instead, there will some measure of radical change in our national culture and political system.

And while I still believe the Networked Civilization is coming, I believe we’ll see a Networked Society first. We are a long way down that path already, but we aren’t there yet. Us old-timers will cling to our PCs and Macs, but the world is headed to mandatory cellphone ownership, though the devices will probably keep changing shape. This is not a benign change; it’s simply inevitable. It’s like anything else on this plane of existence: We seek to find ways to exploit the situation for His glory. Somehow we who serve the Lord will find a way to capitalize on the changes.

Up to now, what I’ve said could be witnessed by the convictions in your heart. If what I wrote strikes you as somehow the truth of things, we still have to coordinate through our brains how to use this. Here’s my point: If the globalists and/or imperialists retain their control over the government system and mainstream media, those things can’t happen. Can you see that with your intellect? Only if the nation’s government is dominated by a nationalist can it be possible. And it will require a very strong nationalist leader who can somehow convince the citizens that we will all suffer immensely if we don’t let him/her bring some big changes. So you tell me which candidate is most like a nationalist?

Keep in mind that I’m not too happy with where this is going. I know how to handle it, but this is going to be painful in some ways, painful for a lot of innocent folks. We have come to place where, no matter what direction we go, a lot innocent blood will be shed. There’s no way to back out of this thing now.

So whatever your personal political sympathies, I cannot imagine a globalist/imperialist president would keep us out of a devastating WWIII. That may not mean a nuclear exchange, but it will mean an apocalypse beyond imagining. Unless I’m totally off my rocker, God says in my heart that the apocalypse has been pushed aside for now. That can only mean we are going to have a leadership that turns away from war and invests more resources in something else.

I realize things seem too close to call, but God is able to things we cannot imagine.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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