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Some More Babylon

The symbolic logic behind parables requires quantum thinking. It requires that you tear things down to the smallest practical level, including thinking about thinking itself, and become aware that a particular symbol has meaning on multiple levels. The parabolic symbols … Continue reading

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Virtual War 2

It’s the nature of our shared faith. On the one hand, our heart-led path is very narrow, steep and rough. Precious few are those who walk with us. On the other hand, we so desperately need each other because no … Continue reading

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Cycling: Miracle Hill

I’m not training for anything in particular. It’s nice to have the endurance for those epic 50-mile rides, but that’s just icing on the cake. Physical fitness is not an end in itself; it serves a much higher purpose, a … Continue reading

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Cycling: Back to Triple-X

It was a glorious ride! Not in the sense of accomplishment, but all the way Creation kept calling out to me of the glory of Our Creator. There was one total surprise: It was a rare westerly stiff wind. We … Continue reading

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Impassioned News

News that builds from passion isn’t journalism; it’s just propaganda. I take very seriously my assertion that this world is mere shadows, the reality is far more flexible than Western minds can grasp. And I take seriously that perception is … Continue reading

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A Little More Moral Economics

Trust your heart-mind for a proper moral analysis. The whole end of mankind living on this earth is to seek the glory of God. Just so you understand completely, it’s “seek” in both ways: We seek to bring Him glory, … Continue reading

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Psalm 119: Yod 73-80

The psalmist shows us the Path of Justice. It could also be seen as retribution if we understand the justice of being rescued from those who deny God’s revelation. We learn to be patient as God corrects us and makes … Continue reading

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