Stand Back

Some of you understand that I’m not a partisan in US politics, but that I watch it closely because I’m curious. Frankly I’ve been pretty quiet about it, but I’ve been getting questions from a lot of family and friends; people seem to want my opinion on this political stuff. With that many questions, I suppose I need to post a little more about it. I’ve been tracking this from several angles, but I don’t know everything. I also don’t trust any one source. Beyond mere reading and cataloging and analyzing the reports, I’ve been trying to measure all things against the moral character of God revealed to me in my heart.

Let’s start with a review of some of what I have said so far. This election represents a major breaking point in the US political system. While there hasn’t been that much literal bloodshed, the three major groups (globalists, imperialists, and nationalists) have each moved to seize full control and squeeze their opponents out. It’s rather like a coup and counter-coup going on at the same time. I’m not kidding; this is the end of whatever America has been up to now.

The imperialists have been forced to a sideline, still powerful, but unable/unwilling to seize the spotlight. They are not unified. While we cannot easily characterize the full range of who they are, it represents the neocons, the defense industries, some large segments of academia, and to some degree the Zionists. The nationalists and globalists are in open warfare; it hasn’t been this level of naked hostility before now. Both sides consider the stakes too high because both sides have determined now is the time to shut the other side down once and for all. They are ready to shed blood, though I don’t think much of that has happened yet.

At this particular moment, it seems that the globalists have been crushed. In particular, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been fatally wounded. Over this past weekend, the NYPD revealed they seized a laptop from former Congressman Anthony Weiner (reports indicate they’ve had it since early October). He is married to Huma Adedin, the single closest confident of Hillary Clinton. They are separated because Weiner has a habit of sexting and sending naughty selfies to other women and some underage girls. He was doing that again recently and the NYPD was investigating, sometimes getting support from the FBI. They seized his laptop with a warrant regarding his peccadilloes. They didn’t expect to find on this laptop a massive collection of emails (approximately 650,000) connected to his wife’s work for Hillary Clinton. Though the warrant didn’t cover that kind of thing, they knew the FBI had been looking into Hillary Clinton’s email stuff from when she served as Secretary of State. You can bet they all looked at some of those emails.

You have to understand how that warrant business works. If a police agency needs a warrant to see something, they can usually get it. If they see something anyway, they still may need a warrant for permission to use that evidence. You can bet they saw plenty and wanted legal authority to use it, not against Weiner, but as evidence in some other on-going investigation elsewhere. This has happened many times before. Right now, no one has revealed very much about the contents of those emails.

Keep in mind that the NYPD is somewhat in the nationalist camp. They have their own dirty political ties; they are one of the largest and most politically powerful police agencies in the US, despite being ostensibly a mere municipal police department. Lots of very powerful political figures on local and national levels fall under their jurisdiction, so their budget and their reach has taken them around the world, sometimes in direct competition with federal agencies. They are a force to be reckoned with. Their leadership has recently threatened to go public with the entire collection of emails if the FBI doesn’t do something with them.

The reluctance in the FBI is hard to explain, but you can bet most of it is at the top. FBI Director Comey is a political appointee under President Obama, and some of those directly under him are more or less in the same boat. Obama and Clinton operate under a partisan truce; they aren’t friends. Obama’s position is complicated; he came to the office of POTUS an empty suit obeying his handlers, handlers who are not united and frankly conflicting at times. Here at the end of his administration he does have some power of his own, but it’s limited. This business with the Clinton emails discovered on Weiner’s laptop threatens him, his handlers and lot of their allies on Congress.

Previously, the FBI was willing to protect everyone else if they could just shut down the Clintons. They tried to leak carefully selected information, but it didn’t work. She is maniacal about seizing power and won’t allow a compromise. She has burned bridges. So she has raised the price and now the FBI is willing to pay; they aren’t going to protect anyone else any more. Besides, the NYPD will make them look stupid if they do. On top of this, it appears just about the entire range of some 15 spying agencies in the US are on board with this move. In that sense, Clinton represents a coup, and the nationalists together represent a counter-coup. So far, the primary weapons have been leaked information broadcast across the Internet, an update on the ancient “pen is mightier than the sword.” But the swords have not been put away for long.

The shrieking globalists and Hillary’s partisans will not go down quietly, but it’s virtually impossible for them to hang on at this point. I cannot imagine how they can win now, but they will most certainly be sore losers. Both major parties in the presidential election have already lawyered up to challenge the election results, and those lawyers can do other work as necessary. On top of that, both sides have an army of activists who would react violently if they lose, though the flavor of violence would be different between them. The US is a house divided, and we are past the point of peaceful change.

I do not rejoice; this is going to hurt all of us. Also, be aware that I may see the need to edit this post if today’s events move swiftly.

Aside: In response to an offline question — Yes, we need to think about what it will take to exploit all of this for the Father’s glory. I have traded guns for computers in the past. I have long believed that in our world today, having a gun is okay, but having access to the Internet takes priority over that. What you do with your computer is another question, but our near-term future survival as humans hangs more strongly on Net access than on having a firearm for self/home defense. In my case, it’s a matter of mission and calling taking priority over some personal wants. As an ex-military cop, you can bet I appreciate good weapons, but they aren’t a priority; I put my money where my mouth is.

Addenda: For those of you interested in a more technical explanation of how those emails could all be stored on Weiner’s laptop, Karl Denninger covers it nicely. He talks about how a Windows-based Exchange mail server would work, and that when Hillary’s server was shut down, the laptop never got a signal to erase all those emails.

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2 Responses to Stand Back

  1. Paul says:

    That was the best analysis of the situation I have read yet, and I read the Wasington Post and NY Times. Thank you.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Thanks, Paul. I’m glad to serve.


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