Photography: Fire and River

fire01Not much going on with photography right now, but there was a fire overnight on the route I chose for today’s ride. It was SLS Tires on the SE corner of NE 23rd and Midwest Boulevard. While it has changed hands a few times, I know that it has been a tire shop for at least 50 years.fire02 The Midwest City Fire Department called on Tinker AFB to bring out a foam truck because burning tires packed tightly into a small building are not easily extinguished. The foam went all over the place, of course. I took these shots from across NE 23rd, standing on the lawn in front of a bank.

riverviewOf course, my ostensible goal was to revisit the river bank out on the dead end of Wilshire Avenue off Midwest Boulevard. It’s a quiet ride down the gravel road to a place on the backside of a turf farm. In the past, I’ve had to pick my way over dumped piles of rubble and soil. However, of late someone has pushed those piles over the edge of the bank (which may be illegal) and dumped a lot of heavy junk: a 15-passenger van that had rolled, several pieces of broken tractor attachments, and some storm debris, but no household garbage.

Again, my shoes were loaded with red clay. But since the turf farm mows up to the edge of the gravel road, I walked my bike a few hundred yards scuffing my shoes in the wet Bermuda grass. They lost a couple of pounds each as I left a trail of red clay smears. It was overcast and had been misting before I mounted up for the ride.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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