Initial Reaction

Had Hillary Clinton won last night, we would be facing an apocalypse. It would have been a nightmare world of all out war against Russia, including even weapons of mass destruction. Worse, it would have meant outright persecution of people who walk by any kind of religious faith except her demonic globalist cult. She was quite thrilled with the idea of using government power to destroy anyone who thinks differently and holds different values.

Instead, we are facing only the economic challenges she would have ignored. We still should expect harassment from Zionists, but we know how to handle that. We still should expect the neocons to attempt in every possible way to take over Trump’s administration. Has anyone else noticed that his veep is part neocon? Fortunately, it appears Pence is not truly devoted to that cause, just somewhat sympathetic. Other choices Trump has announced for his cabinet bear some foreboding, though.

I tend to agree with this analysis:

This puts it succinctly: the inhabitants of the “special world” of the political class — self-satisfied pundits, self-serving politicians, avaricious hedge fund managers, arrogant academics, less-than-thoughtful thinktankers, politically correct scolds, neoconservative warmongers — couldn’t imagine a world in which Donald Trump could win the White House. They laughed at him when he announced, they sneered at him even as he was winning the primaries, and they unleashed more venom than an army of rattlesnakes when he won the Republican nomination, even as they claimed he was headed for a Goldwater-like defeat. The American ruling class lives in a world entirely separate from that of their subjects: even as the peasants with pitchforks gathered in the shadow of the castle, they never saw the Trumpian revolution coming.

In short, they have no idea why he won because they live on a different planet than the rest of us. And yet the reason for his victory is very simple, and it’s no secret. He stated it clearly and succinctly in a remarkable television ad in the final days of the campaign. [Video follows.]

Trump understands that, as I put it in my last column, “The main issue in the world today is globalism versus national sovereignty, and it is playing out in the politics of countries on every continent.” A transnational ruling elite, the types who flock to Davos every year, has arisen that believes it has the right to manipulate the peoples of the world like pawns on a chessboard. These lords of creation engage in “regime change” when a government they don’t like challenges their imperial prerogatives: they move entire populations around as if they were human dust — they manipulate currencies, “manage” the world economy — and woe to those who challenge their rule!

We have some hope that the one wisest thing anyone could do for America to keep it alive is to retract the imperialist tentacles and invest more of our productivity at home. Yes, what globalists and imperialists call “isolationism” means we stop picking specs out of the eyes of others and pay more attention to the log in our own eye. We shall be very fortunate, indeed, if this one thing happens; it would be very good for the whole world.

So now I sense that the right-wing backlash will spend most of its energy crushing the social justice warriors (SJWs) as a primary feature of globalism. As I explained to someone else, this reflects the feminist impulse from the Cult of Oester. It’s not a sin for women to wish their children well, to worry about petty conflict and rivalries, and to care much so much about feathering the nest. It’s a sin when the feminist impulse defines all of that as the soul of moral goodness to the exclusion of things men do by their nature. It’s the moral necessity of balance and negotiation. By the same token, it’s not a nice world where men ignore their women. Would you like Saudi Wahabist Islam? We preach that husband and wife are one team, not competitors and not interchangeable in roles.

What I see in this election result is not “happily ever after” in terms of politics, but a vindication of the path on which I now walk. This means that my discernment of fundamental moral truth is progressing; it means I am able to anticipate some of what God will do. It also means that I’m doing a better job of subjecting my intellect to my heart and that the heart can lead us to all truth. Trump is no part messiah; he’s more like a Napolean. He’s a genius at the one thing he understands: making deals and selling the product. That’s about as good as we can realistically expect from human politics right now.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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  1. He is a Cyrus! Isaiah 45!


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