Photography: Another Draper Trail

Source: Google Earth

Source: Google Earth

As always, click on any image to see it full-sized. CTRL-click will open the image in a separate browser tab.

01trailI’ve got nothing better to do right now but poke around Draper Lake’s hidden treasures. Today I wanted to examine the trail at the far NE corner of the lake area up near Post Road and Interstate 240. I came in off Post Road (eastern edge of the satellite view). It’s a climb up from the road, but the trail is pretty clear — except where Parks and Recreation cut down some trees to fall across the trail.02washout It makes sense because this is one of the most remote areas and people were still riding motorbikes out there long after it was closed for that purpose. So I parked my bike up in the trees and climbed over the barrier and started walking. 03creekbottomThis was a very clear trail as that picture above left shows. There was a major washout at one point (above right), and I had to walk atop one of the ridges to get past it.

The satellite image shows a white spot about halfway along; that’s where someone dumped a huge pile of roofing shingles sometime in the past. That’s another good reason for the felled trees across the head of the path. It was just one long slope down toward a flat creek bottom (above left). 04lakeoverviewAt that point there was no easy path to go any farther. So I trudged back up the hill to my bike and came around on the new road, but followed the old road bed to a high spot I wanted to check out. That’s where I shot this wide image across the a narrow arm of the lake. Near there the construction crew had finished paving one of the numerous end points that runs out on a spit of land. Here the trail was obviously heavily used; it was the first time I saw the shoe prints of other humans.05shoretrail At the shore I saw the trace of the old lake shore trail, mostly exposed bedrock here. It’s not passable on every part of the lake.

The crews are still ripping some of the old asphalt but at least this time my way was clear all the way around to the bike trail up on the NW corner. My bike’s disc brakes were squeaking and dragging, so I stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods where I got the bike and the technician was there. He tuned it up for me and adjusted the brakes, pointing out which fitting to turn to center them over the disc. All covered by the warranty, of course. It worked a lot better the last two miles home.

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