What Should We Expect?

(Oh, I am full of it today!)

If you embrace the idea of heart-led moral awareness, you realize very quickly that it’s not a question of concrete events, but of moral trends reflected in human behavior at large. You also would bear in mind that “acknowledging God” means embracing His revealed Law for human existence on this planet, and no current human government is doing that. We can see how God herds human politics when they refuse to acknowledge Him. There’s nothing wrong with using an academic understanding of social sciences as the means to organizing what we can discern morally, so long as don’t trust the intellect for any kind of meaningful answers.

When you make the mistake of enthroning human reason, you step into a trap. The human mind is incapable of arriving at moral truth on its own, so the only thing it has is unrecognized internal bias that somehow looks like obvious moral truth. This is why Western Civilization suffers from such spiteful political divisions; everyone is promoting his own personal bias as absolute moral truth and can’t take his opponents seriously.

Thus, all “news” is propaganda. It all arises from a moral viewpoint that is itself subject to debate. However, it’s part of the game of propaganda to never discuss a priori moral assumptions, but to couch the whole presentation in terms that presume you cannot argue with their moral assumptions. This is particularly true of the largest media companies and all of their various outlets. Granted, they tend to admit being “left” or “right” but those are mere window dressing, very shallow labels that mean almost nothing in terms of actual policy. In fact, both the alleged right and left in US government brings forth nearly the same policies, and the only difference is who gets to profit from them.

Thus, you’ll see the propaganda term “alt-right” in current news trends. It’s a term cooked up by the lefty “social justice warriors” (SJWs) as a code-word for the KKK and various fictional horror images of racist white Americans. It doesn’t take much to realize that SJWs are inherently anti-white racists. If there’s anyone acting like Nazis, it’s the Clintonite rioters. Keep in mind that “Nazi” is the abbreviation for National Socialist — it’s a left-wing socialist movement with a nationalist emphasis. Both “right” and “left” can be nationalist, though nationalism is currently out of favor with the mainstream press. Clinton was a global socialist, and the so-called Democratic Party is dominated by that sentiment.

Most of the Republican Party is dominated by National Imperialists. Try to get your head around that. It’s not just “America first” but “America only.” It makes a lot of room for neocons, who identify Zionism as the true American identity.

At any rate, the mainstream press sees the mass of neocon big shots grandstanding about how they are under consideration for Trump’s cabinet. Trump isn’t saying much, so it’s just noise; he has announced few names. But because the mainstream press with SJW sympathies sees the KKK in every non-SJW Caucasian face, they have declared some of his announced picks as “alt-right.” And they cannot imagine Trump as he is, but insist that he is “alt-right” himself. What’s really going on is that Trump is actually rejecting a lot of neocons. He is himself rather Zionist, but that’s not the same as neocon. He’s not an imperialist. He’s mostly nationalist. However, if you are going to understand Trump, the one thing you never forget is that he is a business tycoon and will never be anything else. He’s not an ideological kind of guy, but an opportunist. He’s also the ultimate Alpha Male and will do what he damned well pleases. Finally, you can bet he’ll keep his promises if at all possible.

But that doesn’t mean we are heading for good times. The real issue here is not who’s running the country, but that Trump has dropped into a context that made lots of room for him to stand up and take the lead. The context is a nationalist resurgence that will crush the globalists. Further, this nationalism is leading the way in using the virtual world far more adroitly than the globalists.

The virtual world is inherently Open Source. A critical element of that is being personally open, as well. Secrecy is not the same as privacy; the Net can accommodate privacy, but is hostile to secrecy. Globalism requires cynical secrecy the same as neoconservatism. Both pretend to be demigods herding the rest of mankind for their own good. The Internet Community cannot avoid being hostile to both; it’s fundamental to the nature of networking.

Right now, a lot of humans are waking up to the fact that you cannot win arguments about racism. So instead of disputing such nonsense as “all whites are racist” (and the implication that minorities cannot be racist), they are ignoring the whole debate. Have you noticed how no one opposing the SJWs is defending themselves against accusations of racism? The word “racism” doesn’t really mean anything except what the SJWs want it to mean, something subtle and indefinable but always sinister. The word itself is pure propaganda.

When you dump the false moral mythology, you are able to see what’s going to happen. What I refer to as the right-wing backlash or resurgence actually represents a middle-class cultural movement that recognizes the Internet and has changed to accommodate the inherent Open Source necessities. It’s no longer quite the prissy bourgeois pretense of early American middle-class culture. It’s still quite materialistic, so it’s not a complete change. It will demand a cultural conformity that promotes economic prosperity, and the SJW agenda is waste, fraud and abuse of economic resources in the blind pursuit of globalist La-La Land.

You can expect the old Global Warming crap to face a bloody death. You can expect political correctness to be crushed. You can expect rioters to face violent crack-downs, and not a few private individuals shooting at them. But because of the vast ocean of money behind the riots, they will continue and get more violent themselves. This time I suspect the “color revolution” will fail and the financiers to be arrested or put to flight. Globalism may not die, but it will be suffer a major setback. You can expect a renewal of the social reverence for police and troops. However, the kind of pressure that gave birth to the pro-gun patriot underground will fade away. Leftist police leadership will be purged, though it will not happen overnight. The leftie urban leadership will fight hard and we are likely to see something resembling a constitutional crisis in fighting them. That fight will likely be one of the bloodiest of all, but if the lefties don’t find a compromise, I suspect they will lose catastrophically.

Had Clinton won, you and I here at Kiln of the Soul would have faced outright persecution. I’m sure they would have shut down this blog eventually under some kind of speech codes, and hounded us in meat space as well. Now our only threat will be Zionist demagogues. And until Israel herself attempts some kind of Internet takeover, Zionist pressure will remain little more than verbal sparring. Given how the Mossad has infiltrated so much of the technology industry, I have no doubt Israel will try, so it’s only a question of when, not if. Mossad front companies, in cooperation with the CIA, have bought out a surprising long list of major technology providers, such as firewall and antivirus companies, and have built their own technology hardware manufacturers. Israel will not be happy with how the current warfare in places like Syria will turn out. Israel was a sponsor of ISIS and other terrorist organizations. However, even while Obama is still in office, much of our clandestine support for the Syrian rebels has simply stopped. Trump’s peace overtures with Russia means Assad will eventually prevail, though Syria will never be the same.

At any rate, there will be global upheaval in that the current system of backdoor government control will be shattered. A whole generation of banking oligarchs will pass into death or forced retirement. There’s no place for globalist and imperialist cults in the Network Age.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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