We Are Not in the Clear

(Passing note: Today marks eight years on this blog.)

I am familiar with the so-called right-wing conservative Christian segment of America’s population. My familiarity is due to coming out of that. As with every existing subculture, there is good and bad and plenty that is neutral. However, you cannot review the whole thing outside the wider social context in which it exists. If you don’t see the awful brutality of the progressive left, then you can’t understand what God is doing in our world.

How far back do I have to go to explain this? It’s pretty obvious to you and I who walk by the heart and know Divine Law. The conflict between the American left and right is inherent in Western Civilization. It arises largely from the unnatural conflict between the sexes, which in turn results from the heathen background of Germanic tribal mythology. There is a pair of cults intertwined and dependent — Oester and Odin. You can find plenty of other names, but they are the quintessential types of Western female and male. Their conflict is presumed natural and is so deeply burned into the Western subconscious assumptions about reality that nobody considers it. It’s all quite contrary to the nature of reality itself.

When God speaks, Creation responds. God has said that males shall dominate the human race because of the Fall. He might not respond quickly or in ways that Western minds expect when it comes to correcting sin, but in due time He will force things to turn around and obey His will. But if Western feminists who follow the Cult of Oester through manipulations create an atmosphere by which men can only be like Odin — that men can only be man-boys and inherently immoral — then when in the cycle of things men rise again to dominance, feminists will be forced do deal with that kind of painful dominance. When the only “respectable” man is a obsequious “wuss,” then the men who dominate will be crude and brutal. And dominate they shall.

To varying degrees, this is the nature of conservatism in America. Western Civilization excludes a priori the godly shepherd male, so we won’t see too much of that as the right-wing surges back to the fore again. One thing you must understand is that they are surging, in part as a reaction to the left wing pushing too hard, too fast and implacably. A feature of the left-wing American philosophy was to adopt without question a fundamental assumption stated flatly some years ago: Never treat your opposition as honorable; demonize them relentlessly. So where lefties are concerned, there is no debate, only put-downs. They’ll negotiate specifics, but never debate the meaning of morality; they are the sole arbiters of what it means to be civilized. They cannot imagine the humility of trembling before God; God must jump through their hoops. They project this onto their enemies, insisting that their enemies cannot argue with the a priori assumptions about morality, so any resistance is inherently evil and “they know they are being evil.” They cannot even see that most right-wingers believe in freedom of expression and welcome a fair and reasoned debate.

Further, what no one wants to realize is that at any given point in history, the righties have always outnumbered the lefties in the general population. For the past few decades, during most of my lifetime, the lefties have been ascendant. They have owned the entire gamut of culture and public discussion. When the neocons take over, they only pretend to be right-wing to sucker the majority into voting for them. So all the presidents during my adult years have been either leftist or neocons. Meanwhile, the dominant majority of Americans have always been righties at their core assumptions about morality and reality. The rise of the Internet peeled back the lie that our society was liberal or neocon. And now we are seeing a resurgence of the majority rule because the Internet cannot be owned by the minority elitists either left or neocon.

Here at Kiln of the Soul, we cannot feel very comfortable with the left or right side because we reject the entire gamut of Western assumptions. We realize that when men dominate righteously, they do so with a shepherd’s sense of commitment to God’s glory and offering His mercy. It’s His glory that brings our common welfare, our shalom of social stability. It requires a shepherd’s instincts to do that, and you cannot possibly be a shepherd male will trapped in the swamp of Western assumptions.

I’ve been reading over the last couple days the ugly dispute between the techie left and right. In this subculture, the lefties dominate, but the righties are surging into some degree of prominence. The lefties are naturally abominable in their religious hatred for anything not sufficiently neutered and leftist. They are abusive and hateful, and the righties are supposed to recognize their alleged moral superiority. When that fails, the tech-left kicks them out of their various online communities for not revering the leftist rules. The tech-right is now building their own online community infrastructure. Meanwhile, it’s very hard to read technology news without having to wade through vast oceans of leftist bullshit. I suspect it will be roughly as bad when the tech-right get rolling.

The tech-right is mostly Zionist. Think about that for a moment. If there is one issue where they are most likely to act oppressively, this is it. While the Zionist defensiveness has been around for a long time, in recent months we’ve seen an outburst of legislative proposals to punish folks who dispute with Zionism. Prominent is the anti-BSD stuff being floated, because so very many lefties have espoused loudly the BSD (Boycotts, Sanctions and Divestments of Israel) Movement. Because I point out that Scripture does not support Zionism, I am tarred as a “lefty” on that issue. Because I teach that faith must be inherently mystical and not cerebral, I’m tagged as a religious lefty. Because I don’t support a Western image of manhood, I am considered a lefty. Yet the lefties won’t tolerate me because I expose their foibles, too.

This is why we can’t use social media very much for our parish communion. We would end up wasting way too much time removing the tentacles of those who seize on some small thing we say and claim we belong to their agenda, while others will waste our time relentlessly accusing us of being things we aren’t.

Here’s where it gets tricky: The world is swinging toward right-wing oppression. It won’t be the fascism of yesteryear; it will something with a whole new flavor. However, it will be just as nasty in its own way. We could well see some seriously bloody battles under Trump when his allies decide to disembowel the leftist stronghold on media and the social expectations. Some will not patiently wait while it dies on its own. The leftist elites are all totally evilly wrong, but that won’t mean the righties are any better. I can’t predict how nasty this fight will be, the potential for serious destruction is obvious. When it comes, we may well get splattered ourselves. Be wary sisters and brothers.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to We Are Not in the Clear

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    One thing about leftoids, and some on the right, too, is that they are unable to recognize any other authority as legitimate outside of the nation-state…and even then, it’s only select Westernized nation-states. Hence the aversion to a naturally-forming, localized, small-scale patriarchy. Men having authority in their home = well. they must be abusing their power. Nation-states with loads of guns and rules and money = legitimate and good.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Precisely; the state is their god and they will control what the state decides.


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