Cycling: Back to Triple-X

01windmillIt was a glorious ride! Not in the sense of accomplishment, but all the way Creation kept calling out to me of the glory of Our Creator. There was one total surprise: It was a rare westerly stiff wind. We never get straight westerlies in Oklahoma. It added an extra training factor. The route was basically east from home to Woodside Drive, which turns into Spencer Road northbound. In Spencer, it winds around to Spencer-Jones Road, following the railroad tracks. As noted previously, Jones ain’t nothing special but out east of town on Britton Road stood this old windmill and pumphouse featuring the Jones High School mascot in the proper shade of green.

02grasshedgeI cut south across the farm fields on Indian Meridian and another mile east of the Jones Center Middle School to pick up Triple-X and that long, straight, flat two miles south. Up to that point it has been pretty easy with a tailwind half the time. At this point I realize the wind has just a hint of southerly leaning, but I had no trouble enjoying the wide open spaces of the North Canadian Valley. Where else can you find farmers actually cultivating natural prairie grass as a hedge?

03decayingroadChoctaw City and the county have still done nothing to restore the washed out farmland where the river ate three houses and a barn on Triple-X close to NE 36th. So that section of the road is still officially closed and darned difficult to access on the southern end. With far less traffic, the grass and weeds have begun to encroach through three layers of asphalt. Next year will see stuff sprouting through the cracks in the middle of the road. From there I turned into the wind for the first time and struggled up the hill toward Indian Meridian again.

04pasture-n-cedarsBut it wasn’t that hard, just slow going. Turning left I ran south toward Reno Avenue. This section of Indian Meridian was very nostalgic for the all the years I rode past this way before moving out of Choctaw and into Midwest City. The cedars along the fence of one lovely pasture called my name and invited me to take this shot. Another two miles south and I hit Reno.

05hillyrenoNow came the hard workout. Reno is very hilly out this part of the county. There were two brutal climbs made tougher by the headwinds, and numerous lesser hills. I found myself resting on the down-slopes instead of pedaling through. This shot is looking back down one of those brutal hills; the water tower in the distance stands at the corner of Henney Road. Still, I could hear the trees and other vegetation calling to me and singing God’s praise in the stiff winds. It was all very encouraging and I didn’t whine about the physical challenge.

Eventually I got past Post Road where it all flattens out again. I really don’t like Reno that close to the city, because of the heavier traffic, but it was tolerable and the drivers were decent with me. Near as I can calculate, I got home with 30 miles. And what a lovely ride it was.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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  1. forrealone says:

    Once again, nice ride!


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