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You don’t have to read this; it’s not essential to our parish business. It’s just me. I’m trying to avoid sounding cryptic, but it would probably take a small book to explain what I see. Nobody has to remind you that I could be wrong, but if I don’t reveal what I believe is in my heart, I’ll be a liar for sure.

The business of Jill Stein demanding recounts in three states is funded by major Clinton supporters. It’s purpose is not to actually try to see if a recount can change the electoral votes; it’s to tie up those three states in legal challenges so that they aren’t allowed to cast their electoral votes at all. The Electoral College vote on December 19 is only two weeks away. Choking these three states like this would trim back Trump’s electoral lead by a margin where it’s just about possible that unfaithful electors in some other states might change the final outcome. But it’s not cheating because at this point it’s all a matter of law.

It’s also a lot of senseless drama. Should this masked Clinton plot succeed, we will have our civil war, far worse than if Clinton had won outright. I’m not saying it will be troops in the streets, but the systemic convulsions will quite likely destroy the nation. In other words, no human can predict the outcome, but it won’t be pleasant for anyone. The legal system that would allow Clinton to hijack things would no longer be there to protect her or allow her to keep what she imagines she’ll gain. And while the Clinton camp refuses to see this, there are plenty of other folks who do, and I am convinced they’ll prevent it going that way. Maybe I can’t suggest who those folks might be, but I have confidence that My Father isn’t playing games.

I have confidence that my Father has brought me to the point that I can see at least some portion of what He’s doing. In my own limited understanding, this has all been consistent going back several years, though the picture has gotten steadily more complete. Even if you take seriously my blather about a shift in reality, it’s still consistent with God’s moral character, so far as I can see, and that’s the basis for my chatter here. So you need to check your own heart as you read this to see if you recognize what I write as trustworthy. Don’t just swallow what I say.

Instead of one huge global apocalypse, we are now going to see a lot of smaller dramatic changes that will seem consistent only to those who see with the heart. The net result in the long run will be the same either way, but we now have a rich opportunity to stay alive and spread this heart-led message under less traumatic conditions. God is being merciful to His people.

I’ve watched this bogus left-right, Republican-Democrat conflict for a long time and it’s always been one big lie. Back a couple of decades ago when the Republicans claimed their “Contract with America” would change things once and for all, it failed on two primary issues. One is that the Republicans were a mix of nationalists and neocon imperialists. The latter infiltrated this big movement and gutted it when the hard moments came. Two is that those who were serious about the changes weren’t actually ready to do what it took, weren’t willing to rip the rug out from under the globalists or imperialists when they could have. The window was small and closed before they realized what it would take. They weren’t willing to pay the awful price, having too much to lose.

Well that’s all changed now. Trump has nothing to lose and he can stomach the nastiness it will take. Where do you think the majority of globalist power rests? In government-funded institutions that they control. Trump plans to de-fund all of them. Further, some of his allies are altogether willing to go after folks like Soros and strip them through various means to seize their wealth, tying it up or confiscating it. He’s willing to bend the rules to the maximum. At some point he’ll probably change the rules.

Once things start down that road, there’s no going back. I’m hardly cheering this on; it’s going to be very messy. It will be harder for us than it is now, but not so hard as it would be if Clinton won. Keep your eye on the nature of the propaganda war, particularly the hacking and “doxing” that exposes even more secrets. This will be a war of leveraging the Internet, and the globalists are already at a deep disadvantage. They don’t understand how their old games of deception and manipulation are going to come apart, because the Net is hostile to secrecy.

To the degree the neocons cling to deception and manipulation, they will struggle, too, but they’ve been working longer at the sneaky business of infiltrating the various public forums on the Net. They will eventually face trouble for entirely different reasons: their dependence on contracted commercial software. They aren’t building their own weapons, so they don’t control some of the critical factors of their strategy.

In the midst of this we need to find our place and speak the truth about Our Father and His revelation. Exploit the situation for His glory. Let people see your serenity in the storm so that some will question their own sanity and start asking how you handle the madness.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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6 Responses to More Political Blather

  1. Christine says:

    Then there’s the ever-so-interesting goings on at Standing Rock. Obama’s handing Trump a very hot potato there now that he’s had the Army Corp of Engineers deny permission for the pipeline to go under that lake.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    On the one hand, I’m glad the Water Protectors have won this round. That route choice was senselessly provocative and spitefully enforced. But there is virtually no way that pipeline won’t go through somewhere and it’s still going to be upstream of the Standing Rock reservation. The state won’t let them go north of Bismarck because of the risk to the city’s water, and the reservation runs way to the south. The real problem is that the company involved has a horrible record on pipe leaks.


  3. Christine says:

    “The real problem is that the company involved has a horrible record on pipe leaks”

    I see it differently – the real problem is that this is an opportunity for provocateurs to turn this situation violent. IF that happens the oil company will cry like sissies that they are the ‘victims’ (actually they’re doing so already). The alt.right media reports I’ve seen are saying the Water Protectors are being paid by Soros.

    Do you consider oil companies to be government funded institutions, considering all the tax breaks they enjoy? I would consider them to be so here in Canada.


  4. Christine says:

    Addendum – I do not mean to imply that I believe the Water Protectors are anything BUT Water Protectors. If I had any activism left in me, I’d be itching to be right there with them.


  5. Ed Hurst says:

    It’s possible that some folks in the protester camp are funded by Soros. As infiltrators, they would be the source of real trouble. The core of the Native American group is self-sponsored, as are the 5000 military veterans that just showed up in the past few days (here’s wishing I could be among them). It’s too late for the oil company to cry their victimhood as the story about the brutal treatment of the protesters, having been loudly noticed in the popular independent media, has hit the mainstream media, as well. The difference between government and corporation is negligible in the sense that it’s far more than tax breaks the company gets from various government agencies. The brutal police activity is a form of in-kind support. This is why I can’t actually endorse Trump and his ilk, because he has a vested interest in that pipeline. He’s on the wrong side of this. Oddly, the leftist press isn’t supporting the protesters very much, so that tells you something. Honestly, I think the popular support is just ordinary folks who see Trump as the lesser of evils.


  6. forrealone says:

    “Let people see your serenity in the storm so that some will question their own sanity and start asking how you handle the madness.”

    And that is where I stand on this…..


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