Propaganda Apocalypse

If we were headed into a literal apocalypse, I’d be writing posts about how to prepare. We would be talking about food security, how to live with interrupted municipal services (electricity, water, gas, communications, police, fire, etc.). I would be writing about hand-powered tools and similar survival equipment. In other words, it would be a contextualized distillation of my years of military service, in which I spent an awful lot of time adapting to harsh conditions. For a significant portion of my time in uniform, I lived in the field, and only visited civilization briefly.

But I’m utterly certain that’s unnecessary. For reasons God alone knows, He has turned us from that path. But tribulation isn’t simply gone from His plans; the apocalypse will be of a different kind. It will be online and in our heads. In many ways, that’s a far more difficult type of warfare, because it requires a kind of awareness that The Cult [PDF] has worked long and hard to keep from us. In truth, this amounts to spiritual warfare. This is not the “spiritual warfare” as defined by millions of Christian Charismatics, but the real thing. It seeks to derail our adherence to heart-led living by Biblical Law.

This is the background for understanding the current propaganda war.

Please get a solid grip on this: Current Western Civilization as a whole is our enemy. It’s not just one group, though for a time our biggest target will be the globalists. The single strongest manifestation of The Cult right now is the globalist doctrine. Yes, it’s a false religion, an idolatry of something that never was and never could be. Don’t get confused into thinking this is somehow identical to liberalism, feminism, etc. Folks who adhere to those other agendas are allied with globalists, but you can be a socialist and a nationalist at the same time. The socialist agenda is it’s own bad religion, but it’s not so grave a threat right now. It’s just a tool used by globalists to restore Babylon. When God is through with the globalists, socialism will still be there.

Just so you’ll understand: Socialism capitalizes on certain threads of biblical morality and pulls them completely out of context. Covenant feudalism presupposes a care and concern for the big family, and socialism hijacks the meaning of that image by an a priori assumption that the secular state can displace the covenant. It ignores the Two Witnesses (king and priest) and asserts that citizenship in the secular state is de facto family kinship. But the native power of Creation’s wiring for a shepherd’s care cannot be forcibly extended beyond covenant boundaries.

Thus, we can applaud something like the idea behind the postal system where the pricing of postage reflects the moral obligation of making sure folks out in the boonies get the same service as those next door to the post office. Those who choose to live in the cities will simply have to bear the cost of servicing everyone equally (more or less) because that’s about as close as the state will get to God’s moral character on that particular issue. But we never forget that it could always be done much better. In the end, our moral teaching tends to put us often in the camp of theoretical anarchists (extreme libertarians) because we want the government to butt out of covenant family business, but we aren’t activists about it.

That is, unless you count a life of obedience and prayer to God as activism. This is what positions us right smack in the middle of the propaganda war. We are, in a certain sense, the enemy of everyone else. Nobody likes us, and it’s for the same reason that Christ was crucified. No one can get our loyalty beyond a provisional tolerance for the sake of exploitation. We’ll take what they offer and avoid causing trouble, but it’s only in the sense that we aren’t seeking to cause trouble. Trouble happens anyway, but only as a side effect of our real concern, which is otherworldly. We know that God made all things and Creation is all alive and we are a part of it. We also know that humanity is fallen, kicked out of Eden, and we intend to go back there. The world by definition clings to its fallen nature and is trying to destroy Eden by cobbling together a fake version. The world has trouble with us because we reject their demands to join in their project, and they refuse to let us go our own way.

For the time being, the wrath of God is focused on the globalist cult and its practitioners. They are the primary focus of the demons of madness resulting from the shift in reality. When God allowed us to see that He had changed His mind about the path down which He’s dragging humanity, it was a warning order to be ready to exploit this situation for His glory. Get ready! Those who lack the heart-mind guidance are going to think we are in their battle formations, but we are totally independent of their cares. We will have a presence on the battlefield and we will take fire, but we follow our own strategy, and we are on the winning side. That winning side has nothing to do with the flags and uniforms of the rest of humanity. God and His Kingdom is invisible to them, but we see His hands clearly at work. His work aims to destroy the globalists.

Their infrastructure here in the US has been the mainstream corporate media. It’s the same media that owns virtually all entertainment and news reporting. And it’s the same media that never caught onto the nature of the Internet, thinking they could somehow capture it the same as they did all the other forms of information broadcast. For decades it allowed them to control the social and political system. This past few years, it began falling apart. I’m going to recommend two articles that explore that in depth:

While we eschew the end game of the authors of these two articles, we benefit from their perspective on the battle and tactics. The point we savor here is that the globalists will not surrender; they will fight to the death. Their current battle plan is to recapture the control of the public conscience. The problem is that they keep characterizing the public as mostly evil, so that tactic is wasted energy. The majority of the public no longer pays attention to their controlled outlets, and the Internet has replaced broadcast and print. And their allies in Big Technology are also starting to lose. If those technology giants want to retain their positions, they’ll have to accommodate the anti-globalists for fear of being starved. The masses are already talking about boycotts (notice how Yahoo is carefully balanced on the issue, given their fragile business position right now).

So they have already begun trying to seize control of the Internet itself, but their plans rest entirely on using government power. In a few weeks they won’t have much of that anymore. So we’ll see a revival of rioting in the spring, most likely, and ever more frantic efforts to put their own followers back into control of society. The Internet is the single greatest threat to all of this, so they will turn again to attack the Net on the only terms left them: hacking.

This includes more than just direct electronic attacks. Every forum for the anti-globalists has already been infiltrated and it’s going to get more intensive. Look for a rash of wild nonsense stuff like PizzaGate, which is only partly accurate, pushed over the top with breathless claims, as the means to discredit independent investigative reporting. That’s a form of informational hacking, also called a PsyOp (psychological operations).

But the more direct electronic stuff in already the works. I’ve already mentioned a few possibilities for this, like malware targeting those who exchange anti-globalist news and opinion. But I would not be surprised if it goes so far as trying to seize a back door on every consumer device just to make sure they can disable such noise at its source — not just PCs, but cellphones, routers and anything connected to the Net. While governments would love to do that for them, the momentum on that is lost in most places. Look for the globalists to attempt seducing the corporations that make the software, or can at least hack into most systems using knowledge gained from working with those software manufacturers. I know for a fact the globalists already want this, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll invest the resources into trying to actually do it. They’ve been hammering at ISPs and networking access providers already, along with very noisy efforts through NGOs and the UN.

In the end, their one best chance seems for now to be the malware route and perhaps DDoS (electronic smothering of networking traffic). But the objective is to control the information exchange across the general public. It will fail in the long run, but this is what deserves our watchful attention for a while. Keep your feet on the rock of your mission calling and be ready to defend your moral domain.

Welcome to the propaganda apocalypse.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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