The Greatest Threat Is Always Inside

The single greatest threat to Americans is the CIA.

This is a difficult subject because it’s so tightly woven into the very fabric of human existence. On the one hand, spying is essential to human government in our fallen world. On the other hand, the secular state cannot help but do it wrong. The key element is loyalty. Making someone a spy vests them with an awful power to do harm, though indirectly for the most part. A great leader commissions spies from among those who would rather do something else. People who like the job can’t be trusted. If that spy’s loyalty is based on a commission from a specific individual in authority, and their sworn loyalty is to that one person, the risk can just barely be managed. Making that person loyal to an agency guarantees they will become a traitor their nation.

That’s because the agency itself absolutely requires a paranoid schizophrenia. There are precious few genuine born psychopaths in the world, and many would be drawn to professional spying. However, a spying agency in a secular state would never be that big of a draw to psychopaths unless they could start near the top. Meanwhile, the very nature of paranoid access control to the information held by such an agency demands fairly normal people who are willing to be made schizoid. That is, they will take an oath to compartmentalize their existence and keep secrets within secrets and all sorts of mind-twisting perversions of normal human morality, even while otherwise living a normal life. And these people have to believe meanwhile that they are patriotic.

In the case of the CIA, the whole thing was shaped by the Dulles Brothers and their psychopathic tendencies arising from their elitist loyalties. They were globalists from the start. The result for their work is an agency that offers the ultimate manifestation of The Cult and all the evil it represents. It is utterly essential to the operation of a secular state, yet is by design the single greatest threat to that state, because it cannot possibly ever be accountable to the state. Accountability removes their power to act. So the problem is really inherent in the nature of the secular state, not in the job of spying. The secular state corrupts everything it touches.

I take the position that the CIA has consistently violated our nation’s interests since day one. This is not something we can debate; it’s a conviction in my soul. It’s not a question of things the CIA has done specifically, but that it has consistently and spitefully fought the popular will every single time. We can debate whether the popular will is all that morally good, but the point here is that the CIA exists within a state that claims to serve the interests of the people. If there is anything that justifies our cynicism about such official pronouncements as “the government is the people,” the CIA makes it more the lie than it would otherwise be. It’s not just a facade; the CIA makes it a God damned lie in the literal sense.

So if you imagine the CIA murdered JFK, you are most likely correct. And the same with RFK, and a lot of other folks whose initials aren’t so widely known. (No, MLK was murdered by the FBI.) The necessity of assassinating leaders who threaten the CIA’s self-directed mission flatly ignores laws against domestic espionage. And the CIA alone knows why they haven’t assassinated Trump, but give it time. They aren’t at all partisan; they are entirely criminal by any definition.

Indeed, one of the reasons Trump would have a lot of trouble reforming the CIA is that it gets so very much funding from criminal enterprise around the world. And with the multiple layers of paranoid secrecy within the agency itself, there simply is no way to hold them accountable. No one would be able to dig into the CIA and find out what’s actually going on or who did what unless they volunteer the information. But when they do seem to open up, you can bet it’s at least partly false, an attempt misdirect. In other words, the task of reforming them is impossible by its nature and the nature of the CIA. I suppose if we were to simply execute them all at once, we might stand some small chance of starting with a clean slate, but don’t count on it. There are too many of CIA people only they know about. The only thing holding them back right now is the recent loss of institutional allies and support. Their position has never been weaker in a very long time, and that’s only because insiders are in revolt. Look for dead bodies to quietly appear in odd places with uncertain causes of death.

I expect the CIA to pull back for awhile. They’ll probably make noises that sound somewhat penitent. They will probably go through the motions of mending fences. Meanwhile, under a redoubled paranoid secrecy they’ll plot revenge. Only the most persistent pressure from a large team of powerful people who can’t be compromised will prevent this. That brings us back to my previous comment that good moral spycraft requires that spies be loyal to a person, not some disembodied bureaucratic hive mind.

Yes, some of this comes from my personal experience with a couple of CIA folks. The ones you know about are bad enough; those under cover are far worse. Morality has no meaning to them in their compartmentalized souls.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to The Greatest Threat Is Always Inside

  1. pg says:

    Wow! I’m at a loss for words. I agree mostly with your premise, but I fear for your safety in pronouncing it. Watch your back.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    It’s possible I could face some harassment, but I’ve written similar stuff in the past with no apparent consequences. Also, I’m far from the prominence of others who’ve said even more.


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