Off the Cuff 01

Let me stumble and fall on my own, please; this is how I learn.

There’s a prophetic fire burning in my heart and I have to expose something. But first it requires a little context. The prophetic gift can take all shapes and flavors, so try not to confine your thinking to the current Western Christian mythology about it. When I noted that my common human empathy was a faculty that arose from living heart-led, I was trying to give hope to others. I am not a natural empath; you don’t have to be an empath to exercise the spiritual gift. However, I do have a peculiar kind of prophetic empathy in that I feel it on a deep personal level when something offends Creation, particularly when this transgression of God’s moral character is sure to hurt people. I am frankly a little slow to jump into action when I see someone getting hurt, but my soul is set on fire when I discern a moral transgression in the fabric of reality. So while I’d be a rotten nurse, I am comfortable sharing prophetic stuff.

That doesn’t mean it demands your attention; it simply demands that I write about it. Whether you pay attention, as always, is between you and the Lord. It’s not a matter of conceptual absolutes; that’s something I deeply resent coming from Western rationalism. It’s quite possible something I write here will turn out mistaken in the sense that I may not do such a good job of explaining it. I’ll always come back and correct that if I can. Sometimes I’m just a little slow catching on to subtle implications; I’ll try to correct my writing on that point, as well. But sometimes God simply doesn’t fully reveal what He plans, and sometimes He simply changes His mind. In other words, I’m not trying to jerk anybody around. I can only share what’s on my heart as best my mind can tell you.

Over this current holiday season I’ve felt a little lonely and down. Because of my prophetic temperament, I often trash social convention and rituals in favor of blunt honesty. Some people don’t like that, so I accept a certain amount of isolation for that. I’m still as loving and kind as I know how to be, and I’m quite willing to keep my mouth shut and not advertise any alleged moral virtues. I’m willing to let folks make up their own mind to like me or not. Thus, I blew it off at first when I sensed that shadow following me around. Still, I prayed about it because God has been quite generous lately in answering my queries on things like that: Was this a normal facet of my existence, or did it have a more specific meaning?

This morning it took shape. It regards something I’ve been watching on the political scene, only because it affects my ministry here. Specifically, it affects the practical matter of what I have to watch out for versus things that aren’t likely to be a problem. Paranoia about every imaginary threat is pointless and dissipates the energy better spent on real concerns. I’ve already warned that Trump’s allies include a powerful Zionist element and that could result in a little harassment here. That’s pretty lightweight in terms of real harm, but I’m gearing up to defend my position with Scripture and history against the specific weak spots I see in their attacks. This strengthens the belief of those who know the truth but may not be called to dig into the details as I am. But now there’s something else.

This is the hard part and why it’s “off the cuff.” I’m not in a position to see the specifics, but I’m deeply offended at something my heart discerns as a threat to a great many people. This past week has brought a shift behind the scenes with Trump and his friends. I don’t know what it is, but it has already rippled across the moral sphere. There’s a very ugly and painful deception going on, something that was only recently introduced into the game. This is much more than just a politician and his campaign promises; that would hardly warrant mention. This is something truly nasty, maybe unprecedented. It almost certainly relates to imperialist dreams, but it won’t become apparent for a while. A corrupt bargain has been made.

I suppose the hardest part is that, on the surface, this thing will be very popular at first. It won’t be racist as the hysterical noise suggests, but it will be fascist in nature. At this point, that’s all I can tell you. Even then, I may have to eat some of my words here. I’m okay with that, but the point is that you pray for your own sense of peace and preparation. This thing hits me hard in my prophetic gift. Call it a “disturbance in the Force” or “my spidey sense is tingling” but this thing is too potent for me to ignore. I’ve numbered the title of this post because I also sense there’s more like this coming.

God grant you peace.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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5 Responses to Off the Cuff 01

  1. forrealone says:

    Yeah. I felt/am feeling it too. I think we both see it. No point in being specific because that in and of itself would be a bit risky. All we can do is sit back and let it happen and steer clear by remaining distant/unaffected. Although within the affect will still be felt. Thank God for His Peace.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Well, you aren’t alone. After I posted this I got emails confirming a sense of moral disturbance about Trump’s administration.


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