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Cycling: Little More Poking Draper

It was pretty warm by the time I got out on my bike — 70°F (21C). Somehow I knew this wouldn’t be much of an adventure, and I didn’t run across a single place that called my name. Still, I … Continue reading

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Heathen Religious Wars

Let’s understand things in terms of what will actually work. Keep in mind that anyone who adheres from the heart to God’s Law will harvest a blessing of shalom. The difference is academic between God’s direct personal intervention and Creation’s … Continue reading

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An Epistle for Our Times

In terms of missions — addressing the world around us — we stand in the gateway of Noah. That is, we use the framework of Noah’s Covenant to address the broader needs of humanity. Sure, it complicates things when we … Continue reading

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Photography: Urban Landscape

Today’s ride was more about the pictures and just poking around a few areas I’ve not seen in years. I headed out through Del City to Eagle Lake and stopped for a while on the bridge over Crooked Oak Creek. … Continue reading

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Of Cattle and Sheep

Does it require an explanation so long and detailed that nobody will read it? The US health care system is a time bomb in the first place. It is broken and the fix is not what everyone imagines. If you … Continue reading

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Psalm 119: Qoph 145-152

Here we have the Song of Assurance. Prayer works. As the psalmist notes, genuine effective prayer requires a fully committed heart first, but the heart knows what to ask because the heart knows what God wants to do. And it … Continue reading

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Cycling: Another Draper Adventure

The other day, when I was revisiting the canyon (near “A” on the map), the trail leading farther called my name. After a few cold days, I knew where I wanted to go today. It still required sweat pants and … Continue reading

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