Not Really

If we were paying more attention to God’s revelation, we would know better than to choose some random spot on a calendar created by mathematicians for our “New Years’ Day.” If we imagine that winter is the time, then it should be the Winter Solstice. Of course, that was Constantine’s bright idea, seizing the birthday of Christ and superimposing it on the big day of the year for his true religion as a sun worshiper. But enough grumping…

frontdoorI decided to post a tiny sign on our doorway to see what happens. In case you can’t see it: “Kiln of the Soul Ministries.” Anyone who considers themselves a member of this virtual parish should feel free to do the same, or use the name to adorn anything else that suits you. There is no meat space HQ; it’s all here online.

me2017I’m getting old. This was taken today and I wanted an fairly honest representation. I couldn’t do the hair and beard thing. I tried but the whiskers we so kinky that it literally hurt. And while I do like the way I look with some hair on top, I’m not willing to invest all the time and effort to do it right. Back to the default.webcam2017 Here’s a webcam version to show it’s not a joke.

veloyceMy beloved is a kitchen magician. She turns toxic sludge into manna; that is, she cooks in a public school. When she took over the job, the district’s Child Nutrition office noticed that sales shot up and have remained robust. She loves the job and loves the kids, and those kids know it. Our own kitchen is a miracle place, too.

You should lay claim to your own miracles; God works in the most ordinary things to show His glory. I’m praying for more work in migrating computers to Linux, and praying for a strong meat-space community of faith. I’m praying I can provide an island of moral sanity in the coming storms. Welcome to the Year of Madness, and that’s for real.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Not Really

  1. Christine says:

    Hey, nice to see Veloyce! Hi Veloyce (waves)!!

    Ed, we’re all getting old. My eyebrows are disappearing because they’re turning white. But the hair on my head refuses to go white, so it’s a mismatch.

    We must choose to be amused by this ageing thing, yes?


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Yes, amusing because you never can predict precisely how it will look. I’ve had loose skin under my chin for several years now, but it doesn’t show in pictures taken from a bit of distance. Also, my beak is slowly getting larger.


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