Down Time Today

Okies don’t do snow. That is, just a little bit of snow can bring everything to a halt because there is precious little infrastructure designed with snow in mind, not a lot of resources for dealing with snow once it falls, and not many drivers who take the time to develop skills and habits that match snow. We got a couple of inches overnight and schools are closed today. Besides, it’s 14°F (-10C) outside. That means frozen pipes in a lot of abodes where the residents didn’t take appropriate measures, particularly our high number of mobile homes. In other words, this is a bit much for folks around here.

Despite growing up and learning to drive in Alaska, I’m also not too eager to run outside for frivolous reasons. I am well equipped for it, and I would jump to help someone in need, but even my daily habit of picking up trash is pointless right now. Yesterday was snowless but almost as cold, so I did laundry and moved some furniture into a more pleasing configuration for our activities. Today I’ll be spending time on something I pursue periodically: the underbelly of independent information on the Net.

There is a point to this. Buried in the morass of noise and schlock is the occasional gem of information not available elsewhere. For example, you won’t find too much information about the Franklin Scandal or Dutroux Affair on mainstream websites. What you do find on such sites is too thin to really portray the depth of depravity, and they certainly won’t name names. For example, the Bush clan was neck deep in Franklin, and a lot of other big name Republicans could be pulled down if they hadn’t murdered the only folks fearless enough to dig into it. Let me assure you of this: every Republican politician with national experience knows all about this and will not talk about it. All of that information is marginalized and pushed into the Internet underbelly. It’s posted there because the folks who run those sites are willing to host just about anything that might draw eyeballs.

Had I not seen some of the crazy stuff like that with my own eyes during my time in military uniform, I would never have taken of this seriously. Let me try to establish something in your minds: A significant portion of folks involved in government secrecy are moral perverts. Either they come into that way with damaged morals ready to serve the government’s foul purposes, or they get that way because it’s a necessary element of the job.

So if you hang out with, say, military intelligence folks, you’ll find some of the most bizarre deviance you could imagine. It’s not just sex, but it’s the whole range of fleshly sin, pushing into the darkest corners of everything you’ve heard of, and much you could not imagine. Even people who volunteered in the NATO Chapel with me, supporting my teaching ministry, I later learned, were involved in some of the most bizarre stuff. There was the woman who tried to seduce me, the man who died during an unspeakable ritual sex act, along with a thousand little things that pile up to serious immorality.

So the business of “fact checking” on the Net is loaded with just that kind of people. For example, I would never recommend that you cruise the site run by Jeff Rense. He’s a big liar about his own past, and claims credentials that are utterly false. His site is plastered with advertising for some of the biggest fake garbage ever sold, and he hosts articles that I know for a fact are false. But he also hosts stuff by people who can’t get an audience anywhere else when they want to share an earnest exploration of something not widely know. Do you really want to know the true story behind the Snopes fact checking site? Not everything in that article is pertinent, but it does point out that the founder started his career with — you guessed it — military intelligence, and bears the same bizarre deviant tastes he’s trying to help others hide. Oh, and Snopes was notorious for serving up malware.

There aren’t any normal people involved in the CIA, NSA, DEA, etc. Maybe they don’t all have the same kind of perversion, but they all have something deeply broken inside. Normal people can’t bear the atmosphere. And it permeates the Net because, in the early days, intel folks were a major element in building the technology. Google was born with CIA funding; PayPal was founded by spooks. Virtually every part of the Israeli technology industry is run by Mossad. These are not regular folks. And you know for a fact that virtually every independent information site is infiltrated by government spooks, and may even be run by them. Some of my subscribers are government agents; that’s taken for granted.

There are other sites like the one Rense runs. For example, on this blog some years ago I denounced a site known as SOTT because they promote some truly wild nonsense about aliens and a blatant denial of biblical truth. At the same time, they also hosted a series of articles that reveal the birth of the modern rock music industry. It started with a handful of former intelligence agents, and children of even more government spies, with all the drugs and bizarre sex, etc. Did you know that Frank Zappa was a gun-toting authoritarian? His entire public career was a cynical cover for destroying what he believed were mainstream American values. Not that I’m any fan of those values, but it’s that his whole public persona was a cover for a fully documented effort to bring the US toward some of the insanity we face now. He wasn’t anti-government, but was against the existing ruling regime and in favor of a different group of elite tyrants. The main actors of the early rock genre were protected from prosecution for the murders they committed. Charles Manson was a part of that scene; he got into trouble for believing his own lies. The series begins here with links to successive parts; I have a copy of that series of articles in PDF format, by the way.

Sometimes you need to take a glimpse behind he curtain so you can get a better sense of what is typical, what is behind what so many people call “normal” or “real.” Without that awareness of what hides in the dark corners, too much of what we see in the light makes no sense at all. I’m not inviting you to see for yourself, and I’m not promoting myself as all-knowing about such things. Rather, I’m describing a portion of my calling from God. The full spectrum of what our parish does together exposes sin as sin and glorifies holiness. If some fool tries to steer me away from something as a questionable source, I take that as cue to see what they are trying to hide. I’ve done that since I can remember. Sometimes I did get some bumps and bruises, but it’s exceedingly rare when the mainstream tells the whole story, much less the honest facts. These days I’ve learned to let my heart guide me because it’s far better at recognizing moral significance than my brain ever could be.

How do you spend your down time?

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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5 Responses to Down Time Today

  1. Christine says:

    I periodically cruise around at Natural News and GreenMedInfo. I used to comment, because there are plenty of folks reading in both sites who are legitimately seeking information about herbal medicine, and I got plenty of hearty thanks for my quick pointers. But recently I got marked as a troll and they won’t publish anything I have to say.

    Big Herbal is just an arm of Big Pharma, no doubt about it. Mike Adams is a snake in the grass. But I’m not taking my eye off him or even the seemingly more ‘legitimate’ types like David Wolfe, not for a minute. I need to know what people are ‘learning’ from them so I know what beliefs they’re carrying when they come to me.

    -10C is brutal without decent snow cover.


  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    I read too much in my downtime…both books and sites. I’m also writing a text-based/quiz JavaScript game as a development side project. I need to comment on here more but most of the time I don’t think it would add anything.


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    Now Jay, that’s just dangerous. Suggesting that you have little to add indicates we think too much alike on the issues discussed. šŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jay DiNitto says:

    Hah! That may be the case. Agreeing too much some things are dangerous. Do you mind if I become a contrarian just because? šŸ™‚


  5. Ed Hurst says:

    Amuse yourself if you have the time. But seriously, we have to follow our hearts. Notifying someone that you hold a different concept need not signal hostility.


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