Keeping it Real

I’m hoping I can draw a rather complete image for you in terms of moral implications. It’s too easy to be drawn off course by propaganda.

Let me recall to your mind The Cult. Let’s remind ourselves that it’s a matter of moral influences, not people; that’s how the Devil and his demons work. God’s moral character is all about persons, and everything is personal, but the Kingdom of Darkness is all about dehumanizing and depersonalizing everything. Thus, we understand demonic activity as impersonal moral influences. The attack on you and me should not be seen as personal in nature, lest we get caught up on a pity-party. It’s just the way things are.

The Cult works through human governments, and the various actors have widely ranging levels of awareness about what really matters here. Even the Cult is deceived, but knows far more about the truth than most of the folks used by the Cult. The damnedest lie is the one closest to the truth. None of this is a matter of absolute truth. This is not a question of orthodoxy, but a parabolic approach that will work for most of those influenced by Western culture. We raise up symbols that our minds can use to frame a response that glorifies our Creator.

You should already understand how the entire Western approach to government and social policy is founded squarely on materialism. Simply observing what officials claim is important will tell you that. For government, every citizen is merely an economic unit. While the system recognizes that we peasants are motivated by personal loyalties, the system itself ignores them internally when making decisions. For example, the whole purpose of the Child Welfare system is aimed at terrorizing parents. The business of “child welfare” as a concept is merely a matter of economic investment in a future worker. The notion that a child’s welfare is truly a matter of emotional wellbeing is confined to the most superficial considerations that deny anyone is actually human. We are mere animals with vulnerabilities to be exploited for the purpose of coercion.

When I write about “social stability” as summing up the purpose of God’s Law Covenants, it is not at all the same thing as what Western governments mean by “social stability.” We are aiming at a moral influence that creates the optimal context for human life as the goal itself — the Law is its own reward. Governments are aimed at economic stability, and simply rename it “social stability.” Government activity works to smooth the economic chart line of human activity. Their aim is reduction of anything that hinders measurable material production and consumption. Don’t forget that consumption is a part of the formula; that’s why welfare clients are so important to the system. Without them, the mechanism of profit at the top of the system wouldn’t work properly. It’s all about the velocity of money flowing through the system. Those who actually pull the levers of power know this, despite all the rhetoric of economic efficiency. Ignore the debate rhetoric. They aren’t going to actually cut welfare payments, but redefine who receives them so that the profit shifts to another part of the competing teams of plutocrat society we cannot see directly.

A biblical definition of “social stability” allows for a lot more economic disruption than Western plutocrats can tolerate. That’s because God’s Laws don’t allow for the existence of those plutocrats. Obey biblical law and the plutocrats will starve. Our approach results in a form of social stability too messy for their tastes. To be honest, there is no ideal in biblical moral law. God fully expects a reality that is messy, with a majority of folks never quite rising above their fleshly concerns and living by the heart-mind. Yes, the Law presumes that there will never be more than a slender minority walking by the heart. It presumes a preponderance of materialism in any given population. But it promises that the heart-led could rule if we obey, to include all that visionary stuff of what we might do when we are in charge. But it also assumes that such a situation will not hold long or often. So in broad general terms, we aren’t supposed to run the show, but siphon off a few here and there who begin pulling out of the worldly system. We can influence political results, but we are forbidden thinking we can own them.

With that in mind, I offer this link: The Fourth Generation War. This explains how the net result of government is keeping wars going by feeding both sides. Yes, we have government agents throughout the Middle East training and funding both ISIS and al-Qaeda, while the same governments send troops to fight ISIS and al-Qaeda. Yes, there are specific events where our own CIA planted booby traps to bomb our troops. Yes, assassins and suicide bombers are typically sent into action by the CIA and other allied clandestine agencies against our own people. And yes, they know and applaud the resulting terrorizing of Western civilian populations, wherein radicalized nuts do crazy things with bombs, guns and trucks. The guy who drove that big rig through the Christmas market in Berlin was transported by German intelligence to the place where he could hijack the truck. It wasn’t about the actual level of death and destruction, but a chance to provoke hysteria.

The West’s enemies are created and driven by western governments. That’s how the plutocrats profit; they need no other motive. When you understand this, it allows you to let go of a lot anxiety. Then you can get down to the business of staying focused on your divine calling; you can devote more energy to the moral calculus of what’s actually likely to happen.

And by the way, as a side note: We could easily develop an economic system that doesn’t depend so much on petroleum, but it’s kept in check by the petroleum plutocrats. I have been personally very close to situations when technology was literally confiscated by “men in black” and the inventor threatened or jailed to silence him. A more celebrated example is Tesla’s lab notes confiscated by agents (both government and private) of his competitor. A lot of folks die without much public notice simply because their God-given talents threaten some plutocrat prerogative.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to Keeping it Real

  1. Thank you for sharing the uncomfortable truth that many still cannot bear; but once recognized, frees us from fear, knowing the perfect Love of Christ Jesus, beyond knowledge that fills us with all the fullness of God so we can “take no part in the fear” and the enemy can have no part in us!

    Interestingly, your words “provoke hysteria” reminded me that fallen entities feed off of heightened emotions of fear, and Freud’s “treatment” for his new diagnosis of hysteria in women was masturbation, which is another thing fallen entities feed off of: sexual energy…


  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    I’ve had direct, personal experience with CPS and it was pretty rancid. The whole ordeal was based on a whim of someone who was very connected to the right people. The whim had no basis in anything, as those things go, so you can imagine how it went. The solution to the “problem” wasn’t even applied correctly by their standards.

    It became obvious to me that they are trained to serve at the pleasure of a bureaucracy, not children. That children are actually helped is a side benefit, if it happens at all.


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    Same here; I was able to persuade the system to leave us alone by extravagant cooperation. I made them look like oppressive thugs in their own eyes. I agree that their sole function is guarding state prerogatives, not children.


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