Psalm 119: Ayin 121-128

This is the Way of Wrath. We work from the image of a sheik come to inspect an outpost of his domain. There is a high probability that he will find something unpleasing and will correct the deficiencies. Those of who are truly loyal will be glad to have even harsh corrections from him, while those who have been serving their own interests will resent his wrath. Our psalmist places himself among the loyal looking forward to having his Lord come and restore things to good order, because he has long endured the minority position of putting his Master’s interests first.

Thus, he trembles with delight at the thought of his Lord arriving. All this time he has sincerely obeyed the Lord with a clear conscience. As far as he is concerned, the Master’s will is the definition of good and right. He prays that this visit will not see him subjected again to the command of those who don’t have a clue about moral justice. Having bound his fate to the expressed will of God, he has every reason to expect that God will bail him out of this bad situation. He humbly waits the crushing of those who arrogantly ignore divine revelation.

How long has he gazed at the horizon, waiting the ensign that signifies his Lord’s approach? While others rightly dread His arrival, the psalmist can’t wait for a fresh expression and explanation of what the Lord desires. He has reason to expect God’s mercy because that’s the promise. He’s ready to learn what he could do better to please the Lord.

Indeed, the first words from his mouth will be a humble request to be corrected. He begs for discernment to understand the message implicit in the record of God’s decisions. Again, he celebrates in anticipation that the promised Day of Wrath will fall on those who have flouted His Law.

It is God’s faithfulness that makes the psalmist treasure the Word of God; it’s better than the best of refined gold. “Keep your money,” he tells the corrupt, for he has a treasure in his heart and will not be bribed. He struggles to find words for the fire of anticipation for having everything put right, and he wonders how he endured the deceptions of the wicked for this long.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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