Watching and Working

Moral discernment (quantum reasoning) works on multiple levels, seeing that a specific event may well bring two kinds of good and three kinds of bad.

On the one hand, it should be pretty entertaining. But that’s all it will be. I hope by now you have adopted enough holy cynicism to know that nothing really important is going to happen in politics here in the US. That is, even if we do see the globalists shut down decisively, all it means is that there’s more room for the imperialists to operate. So we trade one kind of problem for another. In that sense, you’ll know what to expect. But for the immediate future, we should expect a lot of noise, much it meant only as a distraction. There will be some actual changes taking place, but that will be mostly in the background, in that you’ll learn of it only from independent news trackers.

Indeed, if American politics amuses you, I suggest there will be a much more interesting constitutional battle with the State of California and certain large metropolitan governments versus the new ruling regime. This is what could prove truly interesting. The noise about giving sanctuary to undocumented immigrants is hardly the whole issue; this is truly a polarized country. It’s not just globalism, but a whole range of other agendas that represent an uncrossable chasm of cultural difference. This is a very real issue, in that where you reside can determine what sort of hassles you face in your mission and calling. This is far more than mere politics, but a very real problem that could result in significant changes on the ground in terms of every day life.

Still, I remain convinced that God is watching out for us. Unless your heart warns you otherwise, I think we can expect to avoid any real threat to our shalom. We might not get a bigger share of it, but I doubt we’ll see less of it. We have His promise that our heart-led obedience to His revelation brings down powerful promises that our minds won’t believe. Don’t fret; things are going to change but we won’t get hurt unless we get distracted.

Watch from a sidelines with your eyes, but keep your heart and hands on the task.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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