Don’t Surrender

Don’t become entangled; keep your dependence on Christ alone.

Let me testify that living heart-led will change your fortunes. It’s the promise of God. While the whole of Creation could fall apart, He never fails on His loyalty to His own. Creation remains intact by His conscious attention, and we are critical to His plans for everything. A heart-led life is part of what makes us His own. I am not specially favored; I am available and strive to obedience. It works. Don’t become entangled in this world. Work in it according to God’s moral character, but don’t invest your hopes in the system devised by humans who ignore God, because that system does not respond to a sincere heart of faith. God does.

There are real world examples, though you may need to do a bit of factual reading to discern them. For example, I can tell you that Russia is struggling against a rigged game and is winning about as much as it is possible to win. I heartily recommend this analysis of the game afoot. It will also explain how the globalists and imperialists have allied together for some time now. With the looming collapse of the globalist dreams, those who have served that agenda will either have to change sides of get out of the way (i.e., take the money and run). Their time has passed.

I cannot pretend to know whether anyone involved in the US government is half so sharp as Putin, but I believe the US will weather the coming global debt crisis. I suspect it’s as much business instinct as visionary wisdom that will see our economy limp along instead of grind to a halt. But it will happen because somehow we will claw back some measure of dependence on the global banking system. A big part of that will be making friends with Russia and breaking ties with globalist financiers. Any other course of action promises to destroy us. My prophetic sense leads me to believe that we will see some serious breakage in the globalist banking system, partially at the hands of US government policy.

If what I’ve written so far rings a bell of recognition in your heart, then you should understand two things. One: God has shifted reality dramatically from the previous course of things. Instead of an apocalypse of destruction here in the US, we are now headed for something else. Instead of economic disaster and system collapse, there will be a shift in how the system works and our economy will run on a different track. However, this track comes with a whole new set of serious problems that are exceedingly difficult to estimate. I can tell you only what I see so far — those who are fooled by the apparent wise economic choices and stay wired into the system will fail to see the other disaster coming our way. In exchange for keeping our toys and full bellies, we will come under a new form of slavery.

Two: The best way forward in pragmatic terms is to stand clear of the debt system as much as possible, as the primary means of enslaving us to the worldly way. Be aware of that dependency factor; whatever it is you borrow money to buy may be little more than a temporary tool. Don’t invest emotional attachments to anything that requires debt. You will have to follow your own heart’s guidance on the specifics, but recognize the inherent risk of debt=slavery. Bend your mind to organizing a daily existence that does not rely on debt. While that’s obvious even to the most worldly minded folks, it’s a very real implication for the practice of Christian Mysticism. It’s what Sister Christine calls the “woo” factor — it requires an awareness of things not visible to the five senses.

It requires that your awareness shift to the heart. It’s the eyes of faith that can see a system designed to chain you to the materialist worship of Mammon. Don’t surrender your will and loyalty to idols. If you can stay free of that trap, you will do well enough. You need not fear having to crawl down into your belly and act on mere fleshly survival instinct. Don’t descend into the flesh, but pull the flesh up into your faith. Draw your whole being into your higher moral awareness of reality as God actually made it. Discover the confidence that comes from relying on the God who made all things, because your heart already knows His promises.

Things were similar for believers in the First Century churches. John saw the apocalypse coming and wrote: “Little children, keep yourselves from idols” (1 John 5:21). That’s how you ride out tribulation.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Don’t Surrender

  1. 19maude56 says:

    Words of confirmation to me. We must walk according to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Thanks for the word this day. Blessings to you .


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    And blessings to you, also.


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