The Walls Come Tumbling Down

I’m going to summarize this to save you the time chasing all the references. I’ve been saying that the nature of political conflict in the West has changed dramatically in just a few decades. The powers that be cannot pull off another JFK assassination with the same level of impunity. Granted, assassinations continue, but only of little people who aren’t significant public figures. These days the cover story for something big is ripped to shreds by the Internet community before it can even be published. And the powers that be have already seen the potential for violent revolt here in the US when they push too far (like at the Bundy Ranch). The numbers and abilities of vigilante forces are just too big to ignore when the elite can’t control the narrative.

The primary means of tyranny was always information control, and that’s just about gone. So the primary field of political battle is largely reduced to mere propaganda wars and deception is failing fast. Any political agenda that requires deception to succeed, won’t succeed easily. It’s still possible to keep secrets from the public eye, but it’s a lot harder than it used to be — it has to be woven into the very fabric of common assumptions. People who fail to adapt this new reality will go down in flames.

So perhaps you’re aware of the goofy ploy to tar Trump as a Russian agent. This was cooked up by the alliance of globalists and imperialists, so it’s not a left-right thing. Now, I’ve already said Trump is bad news, but his enemies are worse. And his enemies are far less competent. They built a campaign to discredit Trump on badly eroded credibility with the public, and it collapsed under them. Their story about Russian influence was transparent nonsense. Instead of attacking a genuine weakness in Trump’s agenda, they created a huge hole in their own agenda.

They were so desperately scrambling for anything at all of substance that they took the bait and latched onto something so ridiculous you wonder how adults could believe it. Some fans of Trump, who share their sleuthing on a forum called 4chan, cooked up a wild story about Trump inviting folks to urinate on a bed Obama had slept in. It was your basic fan-fiction nonsense, but rather well written. One of the authors of this spoof sent it to a lefty mouthpiece. That person believed it, and in turn passed it to the CIA. Somehow this story was embellished with some narrative about Trump being under Russian cultivation for at least the past five years, although some versions that leaked out included the wild tale that Trump’s family was planted in the US a century ago by the freshly formed Soviet government. At any rate, this silly spoof was inserted into the existing anti-Trump narrative and gravely offered as an explosive revelation, to the tune of a 35-page report.

And the trap was sprung as the creators of this silly tale published the evidence of how they cooked it up in the first place. Suddenly the credibility of the whole “Russian influence” thing is reduced to hilarious mocking laughter. If you really have the urge to read the details, this story has links enough to keep you busy for an hour or so. CNN bought the story; the CIA bought into it. What does that tell you of their competence?

I’m not sure when the globalists and imperialists will stop digging and realize they are standing in a grave, but this is the nature of politics here in the US right now. Most of the serious battles will take place on the Internet as a propaganda war. Sadly, all of this hides the real danger.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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