Expectations: Marching to Your Own Drum

In the end, the most any of us can do is obey the leadership of our hearts.

When I read the news stories splattered over the Internet, I seldom find anything that actually rings a bell in my soul. It does happen, and I link those articles here. Most of the time, I’m just seeing what other people say, and perhaps what they actually believe. That in itself is useful, because it indicates what their plans are. These people believe they can shape the outcomes, and virtually none of them are including God in their calculus.

I don’t say that with the same meaning as most preachers. Humbly I confess I simply cannot go along with any preacher I’ve heard or read — again, with the rare exceptions. My calculus says I’m mostly along for the ride, as God is herding humanity according to His private whims. There is no covenant nation today, so He isn’t revealing His hand to anyone as He often did with Ancient Israel. Worse these days, nobody in government pays any attention to the heart-led way of things, so they aren’t in any position to embrace the current applicable Law Covenant. Thus, getting a word from God about larger political events is exceedingly rare. Virtually everything we read about someone’s agenda is some mixture of personal sentiment, often shared with a lot of other misguided fools, wrapped in a thin veneer of reason as a pretense to objectivity. “Anyone can see we ought to…” This includes an awful lot of preachers, too.

I’m not going to preach to you. I will tell you what I plan to do, what I believe my heart demands of me. From those demands, I make some effort to deduce what it indicates about God’s plans. That’s the best we can do. By sharing my own plans and thoughts, perhaps I can provoke some link between your own hearts and minds to speak and help you decide what God wants for you. Whether I provoke a sense of agreement or not isn’t the issue. I want you to do your own heart-mind thing.

Rather than offer up a burdensome catalog, I’ll start with one example: I fully expect the current trend of state governments to enhance the Second Amendment freedoms to continue. While a few state and local governments are cracking down on gun ownership, there is a very powerful counter trend working slowly over a far broader part of the US. That should indicate what’s likely, because it signals a significant number of other agenda items. This is part of that right-wing backlash I have been seeing for a very long time.

I’m convinced that there is a vast mood swing in the nation, perhaps the whole world. The mainstream media has lampooned this as racist hatred, but they represent a very slender, and very loud, minority. It’s that old joke about the “silent majority,” but that silence doesn’t mean they aren’t active. For the most part, this isn’t a very self-conscious movement, but it’s moving. Slowly, for now. Don’t get me wrong; Trump is not some demigod leading this thing. He’s borne aloft on something that was already there. He saw it and seized the opportunity. He’s just a figurehead in that sense, and I think he knows it; he’s in this for his own sense of fulfillment.

He also knows his greatest enemies are the opposing forces inside the system. In a sense, that’s true of the US as a whole. There simply is no external threat, just a bunch of minor inconveniences that the elites can’t tolerate. It’s these folks who have tried so hard to prevent him taking office. I don’t pretend to know how Trump’s going to deal with this, but my heart tells me that he is central to God’s plans for our future. So I have to assume that either he consciously, or someone who supports him acting without his full knowledge, will be forced to conduct some kind of purge. Of all things, I believe we should expect domestic intrigue and espionage to get even worse. I honestly believe some very powerful opposition figures will die, perhaps mysteriously.

But most of what we will notice is the collapse of the system that supports the opposition. Even without direct intrigue against them, the system is too deeply dependent on an economic infrastructure that is breaking down. Everything they do costs outrageous amounts because it has to overcome Creation itself. Fighting reality isn’t cheap, and that money is going away; we have reached the systemic limits of mortgaging the future. So just about any day now we could see, for example, CNN go into bankruptcy. In contrast to that, the nationalist right-wing resurgence costs almost nothing. It rests on existing private assets and a will that no one has to pump up with dollars. Indeed, it’s driven more by poverty from all the raiding by the globalists and imperialists.

I’m planning on watching a lot of very big entertainment conglomerates shutting down, or at least shedding a lot of unprofitable operations — think Hollywood, ESPN, RIAA, etc. Liberals are lousy businessmen, and they’ve owned the entire entertainment industry for decades. Only by deception and plunder have they survived this long. What will take their place is impossible to predict, but a multitude of independents will make hay for awhile. Only those who figure out how to make a profit on the Internet will survive, based on an entirely different culture that bears little resemblance to the middle-class merchant culture of yesteryear.

A lot of really big companies will shut down, but I’m planning on still being able to go to the grocery store to get milk and bread. There may be spotty shortages now and then, and my choices may narrow some, but plenty of current businesses are smarter, already in a better position than those that won’t survive. Hint: It’s all about modularity and decentralization. Pay attention to what people buy; stop trying to shape demand with overwhelming floods of manipulative advertising. It’s not that national trends will disappear, but that they will come about in entirely different and new ways. This is the social media generation, for whom structured advertising is almost a guaranteed failure.

I’m planning on being nimble and quick to respond; I plan on having something that resembles a job. I’ll be working, and I suspect it will still have a lot to do with computers, but it won’t be that simple. I expect my bike will become a standard means of transportation, not just a way of escaping and staying fit. And somehow that work will also be an avenue for my other ministry.

But this is not starry-eyed confidence. Intentionally or not, Trump’s administration will bring fascism. Not that the whiners are correct; they don’t even understand fascism, since they’ve been practicing their own brand of it for decades. What I am expecting is fascism in effect, not arising from classic predictable social structures. It will be a reversal of left-wing fascism, a reaction to it that will feel more like common sense to most people. But it will come with a renewed civic religion, a reverence for some collection of symbols from American political heritage. It will be somewhat gentler, in the sense that you won’t be ordered at gunpoint to take your place waving your little flag along the parade route and wearing a plastic smile on your face. It will be far more subtle than that. The only place that overt stuff will show up is specifically with Zionism. We’ll be harassed for demonstrating insufficient enthusiasm about whatever it is modern Israel decides to do. Of course, that will remain an elitist thing, because there simply is no popular support for it.

That’s what my heart says; what does your heart say?

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Expectations: Marching to Your Own Drum

  1. Jed Mask says:

    Yep… Definitely agree with al lot of these changes elder brother Ed.

    It’s a “new era” we’re entering in.

    May God Lead us. Amen.

    ~ Bro. Jed


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