More Expectations

I want to let you in on some more of my plans and expectations. You still have to decide for yourself what God wants from you, but I share this because it might ring a bell with you, too.

First, the click-bait: ISIS will win.

As always, we need to examine the world on multiple layers and never surrender to simplistic semantics. ISIS-the-Caliphate will be crushed. As a reminder, that’s the territory seized by an organized army of Islamic extremist terrorists that occupies a major chunk of eastern Syria and western Iraq. They have enclaves in other places, but the Upper Mesopotamian Valley is their primary turf for now. ISIS-the-terrorists will be decimated, but not destroyed. They will be whittled down into a guerrilla force that will probably never go away. However, it is ISIS-the-idea that will win, provided you understand it as a symbol and an influence.

Where did it come from? No games now: It remains a joint project of Mossad and the CIA. It’s already been officially admitted, but not highly publicized. There are a host of allies and affiliated clandestine agencies involved, but the CIA has been the primary support network and Mossad is who dreamed it all up in the first place. Obviously I’m also hinting here that it’s a creature of The Cult and you should understand by now that the best way to grasp things in a prophetic light is to discern how demons work in this fallen world. So if you like, you can refer to the Demon of ISIS, for example. It manifests in humans and in how humans organize, but the source is the Kingdom of Darkness.

But we have to understand something of how Satan actually works. Breaking away from Western Christian mythology about the Devil will profit from another look at a specific example.

As I’ve said before, Islam is a cultural milieu with a religious component. This culture dominates an awfully large and long swath of our planet. The people within those lands who claim Islam as their religion vary widely just like the rest of the human race under other religions. You can find some really pleasant Muslims in this world you stand up for what seems a genuine heart-led life. They will tell you that ISIS is not a valid expression of Islam. I tend to agree.

However, ISIS is the most recent tail end of a very long push to create a destabilizing force using Islamic traditions. Or rather, this effort extracts a very narrow slice of Islamic tradition. It’s several layers removed from the mainstream upon which it is built. The project to pervert Islam in that fashion arises from The Cult’s early efforts at corrupting every other religion they encountered as they spread out from the Mediterranean Basin during late New Testament times. They corrupted the church leadership, mostly by stealth and a large bag of mind tricks. We call those agents of The Cult “Judaizers,” but they went under a lot of labels. They infiltrated, and then started twisting via intellect and by killing off the heart-led way.

Not content with corrupting the Old Testament by grinding out the Talmud, but they extended their pernicious teaching with the Kabbala and some other junk. At some point one of their rabbis infiltrated Islam by pretending to convert. He was joined by many others, and their ilk took over through a bunch of folks called “Donmeh.” The net result is that the ruling class of Turkey, and the royal Saudi household, among others, are all descended from these Donmeh who remain loyal to Zionism, however deeply masked it may be. Granted, this bit of hidden history is much maligned, but the evidence isn’t hard to trace with a good search engine. But the point here is that the likes of Wahabism is a Kabbalistic perversion of Islam. And if you’ve encountered the term “Salafist,” that’s another link to the same Donmeh.

So the seeds were planted centuries ago, and The Cult’s multi-generational outlook (not the people, but the demonic influence) has continued down the same path. The Saudis and their allies have been eager supporters of ISIS the whole time, and al-Qaeda before that, which arose from the Mujahideen, which arose… You get the picture?

ISIS is the apparent reason for the mass Muslim migration to Europe. Actually it’s much more complicated than that, but the point here is that the Muslim hoards invading Europe include a lot of the most obnoxious, poorly indoctrinated Muslims you can find in the countries they left. ISIS didn’t capture the highly educated and wise Muslims. Not all of those migrants are poor specimens, but way too many of them are. These are the folks who rape and destroy and demonstrate a very firm determination to Islamiize their host countries. It’s not a good representation of the religion, but is all too common in Islam-the-culture. And right along with them are a number of agents of ISIS, or agents-to-be because the herd of invaders is rich with folks who are easily turned into extremists.

So the victory of Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours in 732 AD has been reversed. While there will always be pockets of resistance, I believe that Europe as we know it will cease to exist. I’m pretty sure this has already gone too far and there simply aren’t enough folks in Europe with the will to reverse this mess. And I am convinced it won’t require a full generation to set in; I’ll live to see some of the worst of it.

Stop and consider for a moment how this will affect you. Need I remind you that Mossad and the CIA — the people and their commitments, never mind the actual organizations — will ensure that the Muslim invaders of Europe continue to radicalize? This demon-spawned madness is just getting started. The social engineers aren’t going to allow the Muslims to settle in and coexist peacefully. In that sense, ISIS-the-symbol will conquer Europe. Not taking over total control, but this is the end of European Civilization, the birth of a new Dark Age. The relative peace and prosperity is gone forever, replaced by chaos and misery. The long nightmare has just begun.

It won’t happen here in the US. We’ll have plenty of other problems, but an Islamic extremist invasion won’t work here. The public awareness and the nationalist resurgence is just too big. Rather, I’m a little worried that some Muslims already here will be lynched in one sense or another. There will always be an extremist big-mouth to promote almost anything, but most of our resident Muslims are not a big problem. If there is an invasion threat for the US, it’s more likely to come from Mexico. Once again, it’s not that Mexicans are uniformly nasty, but that the ones coming here aren’t typically their best and brightest. Mexico would prefer they not come back.

I honestly believe we’ve already lost most of California. The culture shift there is too extreme, and the sheer numbers alone means there’s no walking this back. It is already de facto “El Mexico Norte” — though the real issue is not merely ethnic. That they have taken over is a symptom of something else truly dangerous. There is a concentration of wealth among the elites there that masks the failures of their peculiar brand of socialism. While that wealth will surely decline, given all the serious economic problems they have (and getting worse), it won’t hurt enough to change their minds. I think it would require the San Andreas Fault splitting wide open to end their game. I’m convinced that Southern California will become a foreign country to the rest of the US, regardless of official legal status.

And they will ally with China. Unless Trump has some really brilliant plan up his sleeve, he won’t be able to humble China completely. There’s no doubt he’ll accomplish something he wants, but the pact between Russia and China is too air-tight. I’m not sure Trump’s staff are fully aware of that. He’ll need to find an angle that isn’t covered by that pact, and it’s just possible that debt is the angle. You see, debt binds both the borrower and lender; never forget that. The lender still has a lot to lose if the borrower gains some advantage that threatens the payback. Still, I’m not sure Trump has a solid plan worked out just yet. It’s possible, but unlikely.

What I can see plainly is that Trump is turning away from Europe and leaving them to their fate. NATO is as good as dead; he’ll let Russia take over as much as they want (which isn’t much). He’s quite likely to piss off China over Taiwan. I don’t think there will be much of a shooting war, but we should expect some serious cyber warfare on a level we can’t imagine, along with efforts to destroy our economy. I don’t expect either side to win, but some significant damage to both. However, I don’t anticipate anything apocalyptic at all, just a messy wrestling match.

A few other bits and pieces: Africa will continue wallowing in internecine warfare through the foreseeable future, thanks to the same CIA/Mossad tag team play. Even if Trump calls our people back, it’s too late for at least another generation. South America is very close to creating a new civilization, but they need to kick out the CIA and friends. That is, within another generation, they have the potential for taking our place of dominance on the world stage, but they need to run through the false ideas without so much interference before they can work out their own approach — the potential is there. I think Australia is ripe for a sudden outbreak of civil war. Their current trend in laws do not represent a unique approach, but madness, as their ruling elite seem to be on a different planet. The British Isles are too murky to estimate, but they are headed for their own version of chaos.

Yes, these things will affect us. They do figure into my plans and prayers as we see the rebirth of heart-led faith.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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