Wandering and Wondering

bikeonhillI need to do something different this time. The last two days of riding were rather routine. Most of my awareness was somewhere else, but God has used such riding to accomplish a lot in my soul. As you might expect, some of it is beyond words, as I was trying to keep my heart-mind fully engaged.

collapsinghouseWhat I can tell you is sheer speculation. I wouldn’t say anything about it normally, but it could affect our Kingdom service in the coming days. I have a theory that isn’t well supported in any of the stuff I read about politics, so I’m kind of out on a limb with this. It seems to me that nobody else sees what I see, so I could well be blind, delirious, or maybe just weird.

One of the wisest things Trump said was that he didn’t trust electronic communication for really important stuff. If he couldn’t talk face-to-face, he would send a courier with a message. That should tell you that he’s already got something going behind the scenes and he’s not going to talk until he’s ready to announce a done deal.

pelicansSo in the midst of all this noise about protests and riots tomorrow and in the days following, I’m seeing something else happening. I am still utterly certain we’ll see something approaching fascism under Trump’s administration, and if any of this noise is even half accurate about what’s going to happen, we may see a very heavy crackdown to match it. That’s just an example of what I’m thinking about all of this. Come Monday morning we may be in an entirely different America. I don’t see anything fearful in it at all, not for us — unless you plan on being there in DC during that time frame. I’m not focusing on the chaos aspect, but the powerful shift towards something like martial law.

lowerdamTry not to imagine it in stark black-n-white terms. Again, my heart says this won’t be an apocalyptic thing, no bad dystopian movie scenes. I think it will be quite restrained and measured, but what makes me wonder about it is the precedent it will set. It may not even be Trump himself, but someone who intends to take advantage of his presidency and the potential conflicts. Still, I can’t help thinking this is going to something no one else is writing about, perhaps because they don’t see it or perhaps heart-led thinking is really so very rare among such writers.

crutchotrentpkBut this isn’t something to fret right now; that much is certain for me. If Trump is as well organized and savvy as I suspect, we won’t see much to worry about until much later in the game. It’s not a sense of foreboding, but just watchfulness and praying about ways to minister and exploit things for God’s glory.

At any rate, it’s just speculation. The problem is that, if Trump and his friends are as smart and well organized as I expect, we won’t see much right away. Let me suggest we keep an eye on who among his opposition suddenly changes their tune, or simply disappears from the public eye. I seriously doubt he’s told us even half of what he’s up to.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to Wandering and Wondering

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Martial law is probably what it will take, from what I perceive, to achieve the order Trump supporters want. The left has always been more violent than righties and Trump is their anti-Christ…more so than Bush, if that were possible. As I’ve said before, in the pantheon of godless political systems, I’d take fascism over liberal democracy; the former comports more with our tribal firmware than the latter.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    I love your choice of the term “firmware.” And you’re quite right; martial law in some locations is highly probable. It might not conform in all the details we have seen in the past, but it will have the same effect. I suspect it’s more the sentiment of, “Gripe all you want, but stay out of the way.” Just yesterday people in the streets were applauding riot cops crushing a traffic-blocking protest in some large city.


  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    A friend of mine used “firmware” to describe extremely strong biological/physiological tendencies, tired closely to our brains and bodies. They can be overwritten, sure, but at a high cost that affects our hardware negatively.


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