No Title Fits This

I love it when friends are willing to stand for what they believe. In a background conversation with someone dear to me, we discussed some issues related to the inauguration ceremony Friday. I was trying to clown a bit, but my friend came back with something solid and it triggered a prophetic response in my soul. The conversation itself does not bear repeating here, but there is now a burden I have to bring before you.

It’s a clarification of the picture I’ve already tried to draw. I remain committed to your welfare, brothers and sisters, particularly in your sense of confidence and faith in the Father’s calling on your life. Particularly for you living here in the US, or close enough to be splashed by the mess in the US, I want you to rest assured God is watching us all closely. We are going to be okay, and our message will prosper.

Surely you already understand that this treasure we hold in our earthen vessels is not going to capture much attention. That’s a good thing. Had God left the world on the apocalyptic track, then we would need that kind of attention for His glory. But now that we are on a different track, we are better off flying below the radar. Getting attention right now can be very expensive in the worst way. What follows should serve to explain that, so just follow me here for a few paragraphs.

Let’s review some things I’ve already said. The elites have been in control of America since the first Constitutional Convention. The Constitution was a cynical device for defrauding the people of responsive government. A few of the folks attending that convention said so, and were silenced, shouted down, as it were. Centralization is evil in God’s eyes, and the Tower of Babel narrative was recorded in part to get that across. The whole image of federalism is a big lie, a propaganda trick intended to slowly collapse government into the federal center. Those guys who wrote the Constitution knew what it sounded like, but also knew it wouldn’t last. But the states smelled a rat and it was never really ratified, just declared so by the central government officials. And the majority of those likely to take any real action bought it.

Understand the concept here: majority-in-effect. It’s not the majority of voters, nor the majority of voices, nor even the theoretical majority will. It represents what government officials can get away with because there aren’t enough genuine dissenting peasants to stop them. The number of folks likely to actually get off their butts and make real trouble for the elites is pretty small. And paying them to riot won’t do it; it has to be folks who really and truly believe in it enough to act at their own expense.

Of course, when that minority gets riled up, they drag a significant number of somewhat interested folks with them. That’s what Trump won in the election. That’s his constituency, and Congress dares not oppose them. Having now stirred them up, the momentum is like an avalanche that will pull a lot of pressure along with it — all those folks who can’t rise up on their own, but will go along with it opportunistically. They are mobilized and things will change.

One of the things that will change is a rollback in the lefty agenda. Of course, keep in mind that an awful lot of good stuff will go down the tubes with all the SJW/globalist bullshit. Do you understand that the left has hijacked a lot of good ideas, dragging in some things that represent genuine human need? The SJW/globalist agenda by itself is sheer evil. It would have collapsed in a few days of its birth had it not managed to sucker in a huge front of folks who truly believed in something that made a lot more sense.

I’ll give you an example: That DAPL pipeline is going to poison millions of acres of land before I die, if it gets built. That’s the standard negligence of how Big Oil does things, and they deserve to burn in Hell. So the Native American protesters and all their allies, while perhaps misguided in some ways, are closer to God’s revelation than those who seek to force that pipeline through. That’s not a left/right issue; that’s an unconscionable rape of God’s Creation we are talking about. Trump’s administration creates a policy ambiance that favors Big Oil. And while a great many Trumpites aren’t necessarily behind that pipeline, you can bet the protest will be stained with the same tar that gets splashed on the SJW/globalist agenda.

You can probably think of some other examples of truly good things that have been hijacked that way. Do you understand that this women’s march is funded by Soros? That’s like painting a target on everyone who showed up for that march. Soros and his gang know that; they suckered a huge variety of differing, even conflicting, groups with sponsorship as cover for the real agenda. They needed a huge showing. And the good stuff you probably didn’t read about in the news, or even the alt-news, will be tainted by showing up at that march with the bad stuff. That was a tactical mistake that will destroy some good causes.

Granted, I’m saying that within the context of what we actually have here in the US, not what we teach is a better society. The world around us is not going to give much heed to the radical notion of ANE feudalism, and they certainly would get grouchy about the idea of ending Western Civilization. Working with the system we have, I could have easily shown them a better path for US politics. It’s patient, persistent and compassionate.

Do you understand how Trump’s political victory stands on the shoulders of Ron Paul? Everyone says Ron Paul’s presidential campaign failed, but it didn’t. That is, he didn’t win a shot at the office, but he won in almost every other way. His campaign awakened the Internet awareness of his supporters, and in the end, it meant getting the attention of a lot of folks who didn’t know they supported Ron Paul until they got a more accurate accounting of it when folks bypassed the corporate media. It set things up for Trump to win when he made a much wider appeal. And woven into that appeal was one essential ingredient: All the folks who had been rubbed raw by the impatient SJW/globalist agenda that rose under Obama. Obama’s supporters didn’t try to win hearts; they gleefully wielded the power of corrupt government. The constituency that responds to scolding is much smaller than that which responds to heartfelt compassion and moral suasion.

The atmosphere Trump creates will unleash all the anger Obama’s friends provoked. Everyone who took refuge in his shadow now has a target painted on their backs. If you think Hillary was humiliated, wait until you see what’s coming. Remember that DAPL protest? The state government there wants to make it legal for ordinary folks to run over protesters blocking the roads. Several other states are cooking up similar laws that are guaranteed to shut down such protests. Did your peaceful march serve to shelter some violent anarchists? Your organization will pay the damages. And so it goes.

Folks, this is not a good time to draw attention. This is a time for quiet and compassionate missions to those individuals whom God places in our path. We are not a movement; we are the song of Creation singing to the few individuals whose ears God has opened. We are the voice of wisdom that doesn’t shout in the streets like all the other hucksters, but a voice that speaks softly to those whose hearts cry out in pain. Don’t worry; they’ll be looking for us. Some part of their soul will have the radar turned on, seeking the sound without noise, the song without words, the glow of the Spirit in the Land of Shadows.

Do you realize that your heart-felt obedience to God’s Law creates a powerful presence? Not everyone will notice, but all the rest of Creation notices. If you haven’t been greeted joyfully by the grass, flowers, trees, birds, etc., then you aren’t paying attention with your sensory heart. Nature is so tickled to meet us heart-led folks that it’s almost giddy, and it generates a living power that changes the very air around you. Believe it! Rely on it and act accordingly.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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