We Are Not of This World

We are trans-dimensional creatures. The third pillar of Christian Mysticism is disentanglement — don’t let the context own you. Instead, discern how God owns it and you are His feudal servant, executing His judgment on your dominion. Your primary concern is battling temptation in your own soul; you are the battlefield. We fight Satan on our knees before God; events in the rest of life are just gathering plunder. Get your responses right and God will handle the rest. Learn to accept His provision as in your best interest; His glory is your best interest.

At the same time, we absolutely must have some sense of what God would prefer to see based on His revelation. You have to understand His character; His preferences are personal, not precise. You have to understand that He always takes action against sin — and always blesses obedience — in His own way and time. But you have to see how the vast majority of the human race consistently fails His expectations so that you can then know what to expect.

The testimony of His dealings with the human race are sufficient to provide a model for the mind to use as a frame of reference. On that foundation, the heart builds and directs you in specific contexts for you personally, making you what you were meant to be. While you should also be aware of how the world views these things, you should always be aware that your mission takes no guidance from the human angle. So you may well be called on to do something that cannot possibly succeed, simply because your failed effort points out the righteous path and how people refuse to embrace it. You aren’t supposed to win all the skirmishes; you are supposed to carry God’s standard into battle and keep it visible.

Stay disentangled from the political scene. At the same time, you must discern the moral nature of what’s happening. Be cynical, not dismissive. It will affect your mission and you should seek God’s wisdom to understand without inserting your personal sentimental reactions. If you are fully conscious of what offends you and why, it’s easier to sort out the flesh from the heart-mind. It’s easier that way to know what to expect and to know your duty regarding it.

So, for example, when I look at what Trump has done so far, I see a man of action who is going to make some radical changes. He will break any rule that doesn’t suit him; he will be like no president in living memory. However, he loves to play head-games about that as part of his dominance milieu. Plenty of the crap he’ll ignore, but there is a specific pattern to his combative answers. If all you see is the inconsistencies and thin-skinned arrogance, you won’t understand what he’s doing. He is fully capable of deciding in a flash to change his plans because he’s likely to have a dozen different ways to deal with almost anything. He is willing to cut his losses and move on if it’s not worth fussing about in his mind. It’s not simple megalomania; it’s far more crafty and self-conscious than that. I suspect he will go down in history as one of the “great men” of politics, in the sense that he will genuinely change things in a big way. Whether those changes are good or bad is mostly a matter of seeing the moral impact on multiple levels, as we are taught in the Bible.

Of greater significance for you and I is the prophetic vision, the currents of moral ebb and flow, things we can all see if we try. Paul said that if there is one spiritual gift we all should pray for, it’s that we could stand up and deliver the prophetic truth of God and His hand in this world. Prophetic vision is the quintessence of how we proceed into this new reality God is creating. Prophetic truth has a distinct and varied topography. While no two of us will see exactly the same details, you will begin to grasp how it’s just different viewpoints of the same big moral concern. What I’ve shared so far has been confirmed by others, and it’s heartening. It yields courage for the battles we all fight in our own souls.

So let me share something that wove itself into my dreams: Our biggest problem as heart-led believers is that Trump has bowed the knee to Zionism. Naturally he will follow the beat of his own drum in pursuit of this commitment, but whatever deep dark secret rhythm it beats has something to do with Israel. I’m not sure it’s a personal commitment in his soul, but it’s definitely the key to understanding how he will seek to sell us into slavery.

As I’ve said often, whatever Israel is, she does not hold any of the Covenant promises now — not this Israel. So Zionism represents the single, most incredibly massive lie of the Devil today, and we need to remain unfettered in every way possible. If I tell you to avoid debt, it’s more than just a mere financial matter; it’s the full spectrum of moral encumbrance. Cling to the parable of the nomad tent dwellers of Ancient Hebrew culture, always ready to move at a moment’s notice and abandon anything that doesn’t enhance the mission. This world is not our home — and we have to understand “this world” means the system of human existence under the Fall. This world is life without the heart-mind; it’s life without full communion with God and His Creation. Our teaching is to restore that heart-led approach to reality. We can sally forth into the future proverbially naked and find all that we need for His glory at the next camp site where the fiery pillar of cloud halts. That’s the “Israel” we seek.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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