Photography: Revisiting the Canyon

02canyon-bI’m posting this from the resurrected tower computer. The replacement hard drive arrived today and it’s working fine. I haven’t much felt like long rides mattered any more, so just over 20 miles was plenty. Today I felt like revisiting the canyon just off the NW entrance to Draper Lake and tried to get some better shots.

03canyon-cSince my last visit the trail coming around behind the canyon has seen some significant use, mostly horses and dogs (of course the deer tracks are everywhere). I was able to ride right up to the canyon itself. My new multipurpose tires didn’t feel any different on the rough ground from the knobbies. I made the decision to check out the canyon about half-way there, so all I had on me was the little pocket Coolpix. Still, it didn’t do too bad.

04canyon-dIt’s a lot deeper than it looks in these pictures. I’d have to fall to get down on the bottom, and I might not be able to get back out. I never saw any good trails down into it, and the bottom was still mucky anyway.

05canyon-eOf course, my real intent was to visit Miracle Hill. It’s my favorite prayer chapel. Today I was praying for our Brother Jay; it’s a private matter but he’s walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death right now. I’d like for you to pray for him to make it through this and come out the other side. I stayed up there on the hilltop quite a while; the wind really smells good up there most days. Scanning the horizon, I could see all the way to the weather radar dome at Max Westheimer Field in Norman, the OKC skyline, the other local weather radar dome way out near Choctaw Road, and so forth. I could also see the heart of God on a few things that were on my mind.

I may be spending a lot of time out there in the coming days.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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