What’s Going On 05

I’ve gotten it down pat. Once the tower was reassembled, it took just over an hour to: install Xubuntu, update, configure the desktop and install all the extra software I use, to include the Windows stuff I run under WINE. The only boo-boo was testing the latest Java JRE release; it’s not ready for prime time, so I installed the default.

My Mom was up from Texas to see her progeny. I met her at her motel because our apartment complex won’t allow her dog, even for a short visit, without a whopping big deposit. It’s a whole different game talking about things face to face where you can commune via sensory heart waves. It wouldn’t help much if I were to make videos or recordings, because without that direct heart linking, it’s just the same as writing. I can tell the difference; I don’t like talking by phone or recorded media, but I love chatting in person. So we discussed the things I posted the past few weeks here on the blog, along with her plans for continuing ministry. We agree we both have at least one more mission ahead of us.

I rode my bike to see her. I’m keeping my “car” in shape. Today I received the brake pads I ordered and I’ll be installing them tomorrow. These days I don’t ride to explore any more, just to visit one or another prayer chapel in the wild. In fact, I’d love to have access to a rowboat so I could visit some secluded areas at Draper Lake, or just to get out on the water away from human noise.

Someone asked me once about the notion that we have aliens among us. A couple of guys are claiming that their blood type isn’t human, or something like that. The answer is that, if aliens are around, they are part of God’s Creation. Either they are fallen or they are not, but if they hang out on earth, it’s likely they will have no effect at all on my mission in life.

Another question was regarding A Course in Miracles (ACIM). I’m okay with some of their psychology; it overlaps ours. However, there is one really significant distinction. They say that reality doesn’t actually exist; the world is an illusion. I teach that reality exists, but that we are born deluded about its nature. The problem isn’t reality, but with our perception. But we agree on the idea that perception has a powerful effect on how you experience reality. We teach here that if you walk by your heart-mind, Creation as a sentient living thing will shift to meet you as a friend and ally. You’ll get special treatment from reality; it’s so tired of “heartless” humans that it will jump in with extravagant blessings when someone appears with their heart-mind awareness. That’s because Creation/reality is woven from God’s moral character.

There are differences, but I’m not interested in attacking the ACIM folks.

It hit 76°F (24C) today and south winds are stiff. Tomorrow it will be just over half that temperature. We do the temperature see-saw like that in Oklahoma.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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