Trump Will (Accidentally) Destroy Israel

I’ve said that The Cult thrives on tension. You might imagine that some day it would hope to actually take over the world, but that’s not how it works. Since The Cult is a demonic presence so the whole purpose is torment. It suffers no human ambition. While a single global tyranny could do torment as policy, it’s too much work and not necessary. Rather, that one-world government goal is dangled as a carrot to get foolish humans to serve the demonic agenda. The whole point is terror for its own sake, and precious few human agents grasp that.

Thus, it’s the ultimate perversion of God’s Law, which Law is living justly for its own sake. For you and I, divine justice is its own reward. Terror is the satanic perversion of that. Humans are deceived into chasing some imaginary result instead of simply living as the passage to something far beyond. God’s Word says that there is no final reward in this world; we are taught to perceive it as a taste of what’s to come. True heart-led communion is not the end, but a sample of Eternity. The heart-led life is where we belong until His glory is finished with us here. It is this emphasis on the otherworldly end that keeps us from the clutches of the Devil. Satan’s whole gambit rests on convincing us that this world is all there is, in effect if not in doctrine. Holiness means not getting entangled in worldly results.

If you imagine that peace in Palestine/Israel is the goal, you really do not understand Zionism. The day that the Zionists actually push out the Palestinians, and grab chunks of land from their neighbors to establish their Greater Israel, that is the day Zionism dies. And without Zionism, there is simply no point in having a State of Israel. Even if all the various governments and entities of the world buy into this grand state of Greater Israel and make it happen, at that moment Israel will be dead. The nature of its very existence is creating everlasting tension; the Jewish State has no identity without that essential element of persecution.

Israel needs the Palestinian as a whipping boy. But the real Palestinians aren’t playing by the rules, so Mossad and friends have to keep creating fake terrorists to launch harmless missiles from Palestinian territory to explode in the desert. Tormenting the Arabs is essential. She has to provoke Islamic extremism to ensure a steady supply of enemies. She has to maintain a constant threat for things that she could never actually do, because winning is not the point.

If you have time to read a long article explaining that, I recommend this piece filled with lesser known historical data backed up by original sources.

There is one major problem to this permanent terror agenda: God has other plans. I am convinced that God has placed in power certain figures who will bring all of this to a head. Trump, as the biggest friend of Israel/Zionism, will in all likelihood destroy it. I am utterly certain he is not on board with the permanent torment agenda, but has plans to push the apparent agenda to its final conclusion. He intends to get things done, and he won’t tolerate Zionists who refuse his offer of help to make this tension end.

CUFI is in on this, too, in the same way. While it’s quite possible some of the less well-known leaders of Christian Zionism are consciously aware of the real agenda, they can’t transmit that agenda to the foot soldiers. If they told the truth, there would be no foot soldiers. In the end, we can discount the possibility of full awareness on the grounds that there’s no way to make it work. If the lords of Zionism ever admit to their true aim, the whole show comes apart. The whole thing stands four-square on the big lie.

This is in part why I remain convinced that, at some point in the near future, the Zionists will be forced to alienate a major portion of their Christian supporters. God is going to cleanse His true followers from this idolatry. The problem is that way too many current Christian organizations, the leaders in particular, will not be able to abandon Zionism even when it becomes clear just how evil this whole thing is. So there will be an exodus from these organizations when believers in the pews seeking a good conscience realize they can’t stay.

As always, I have no time table. If not Trump this time around, it will be someone else who walks the same path with the same brand of vigor; their time has come. And I could be totally wrong, so feel free to discount my message here. But if this pulls at your heart, watch and be ready to take redemptive action when the time comes.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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  1. forrealone says:

    “Humans are deceived into chasing some imaginary result instead of simply living as the passage to something far beyond.” That is the key point here. Period.


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