Heathen Religious Wars

Let’s understand things in terms of what will actually work. Keep in mind that anyone who adheres from the heart to God’s Law will harvest a blessing of shalom. The difference is academic between God’s direct personal intervention and Creation’s standard response by design. Either way, the whole business of shalom rests entirely upon embracing the divine moral character of God; this moral character is the fabric of reality itself. We can state it in other terms: If you obey the Law of Noah from the heart, you will gain God’s support for what you do.

That support includes a grant of dominion over some aspects of your daily existence. You will have a better savvy about how Creation responds and you will exercise an authority denied the vast majority of humanity. In biblical terms, you will “occupy the land” on which you live. This assumes that you truly know where God wants you to abide geographically. This is all within the imagery of ancient nomadic tent-dwellers who occupied a certain amount of real estate in pursuing God’s glory.

This all holds true despite the Westphalian Treaty law of the modern secular state and its boundaries.

The whole picture requires that you assert in your domain, granted by God, the manner of life and heart-led existence that He requires of you as His feudal servant. It comes in a form that includes your customs and culture. This is part of our teaching that you have a duty before God to build and maintain your own way of life. There is no “one holy and righteous” culture. There is only you and God working out what your culture shall be where you are.

In the Ancient Near East (ANE) you would be presumed to adopt the culture of your extended family-clan-tribe (or nation) in terms of what we today would regard as ethnic identity. Some of it would be genetically determined, as science is now finally discovering, but much of it would be a matter of the context into which you were born. Nothing hindered you from taking that culture and adapting it to fit changes in the wider context. So, for example, Hebrew musicians adopted musical instruments and styles of music from neighbors, conquerors, etc. There was nothing wrong with this, so long as the result didn’t confuse the issue of who was their God and the boundaries of their covenant with Him.

So if you like socialist economic policies in your tribe/nation, that’s between you and God. If you prefer a libertarian leaning, that’s equally okay. So long as your choices are not some kind of civic religion that competes with God’s Law and calling on your life, it really doesn’t matter. As long as that form of economic policy does not hinder obedience to Noah, it doesn’t make any difference. The whole point is that you all pretty much agree and adapt to what it requires. It’s not as good as a conscious obedience to Noah, but it does work out in practical terms.

When your governing leadership in your local or national secular state transgresses Noah, it’s not going to work. There may be some kind of equilibrium because the local population has adapted to it, but God will not protect it from disturbances except as it suits His whim. You are not under any covenant protection at all.

When your secular governing authorities invite immigrants, it is a requirement in Noah that these immigrants understand they can bring their culture with them, but they cannot afflict the local culture with demands for change that suits them. There will naturally be a certain amount of negotiation, but a violent demand for change is not going to work unless these immigrants are powerful enough to invade and take over as conquerors.

If Europe wants to welcome invading hordes that refuse to adopt the local culture, then they have surrendered their land and people. You can talk about “cultural enrichment” all you like, but the facts say otherwise. It becomes some kind of Orwellian lie that you can absorb refugees, but if they bring their culture and assert it over yours, then you haven’t absorbed anything at all. You’ve simply abdicated to invaders.

Nobody should have a problem with Mexicans or Muslims or any other group who accept the Noahic terms of coming in and finding their place in the existing social structure. We tell them: You can stick to your religion and culture within your enclaves as long as you don’t provoke the residents who were there before you. You should recognize that those differences will lead to your folks not fully participating in the economic system because the economy always rests on the dominant culture. If you learn to exploit the differences without predatory abuses, that’s just dandy. If those Mexicans, Muslims, etc., take advantage of the differences in a predatory way, they are invaders deserving of whatever forceful means of enforcement they encounter.

If the resident culture can’t defend itself, the invaders win. If the residents start shooting invaders who won’t behave themselves, nobody has any damned business complaining. Learn to negotiate. The incumbent hosts have zero obligation to bend more than they find comfortable. There is no moral high ground by which you can criticize them within their domain, unless you can cite a prophetic warning based on God’s Law. Don’t assume your blindness to your own cultural bias is an excuse to pontificate from an imaginary moral high ground. But by the same token, the host nation cannot sucker the immigrants in with their own predatory intent.

The biggest problem we face is when the resident host population has no firm idea what their culture actually is. Right now, Americans have no clue. They have consistently failed to consider this consciously. Here in the US, we have a long standing feud between two different brands of prissy frauds arguing past each other, with neither of the two dominant sides openly acknowledging the real issues. It’s not that there is no such fundamental cultural milieu, but that the issue is highly confused in the minds of too may folks. And it turns out that the minority is the one that fights dirtiest by intentionally obfuscating the issue and keeping it from conscious consideration. They simply assert their bias in the final result, refusing to discuss anything about the path to that result.

If Trump and his supporters go about this in a forthright manner, establishing a consciously considered cultural identity for America, and if they also manage to assert that culture through occupying dominance, then they win and everyone else has to find a way to negotiate their presence as resident immigrants. That is God’s Law; that’s how reality works and reality will back it.

There are still a host of other problems that we at Kiln of Soul can address prophetically, but we must prepare ourselves to live in the US as resident immigrants among heathens-in-effect. This is not our turf; we are not fighting off invaders in the guise of Trumpian nationalists. They are the hosts. The lefties who so hate him and his supporters are living in a fantasy world if they imagine that their cultural myth was ever the dominant host. They have always been a hated invader in this land. They never did us believers much good, either. They have hijacked a lot of things we like, but those things have become captive slaves to a much wider satanic agenda.

You and I can characterize this as the same old battle between the latter day Westernized Cult of Odin versus the Cult of Oester. We are not a party to this dispute; the whole thing is heathen through and through. But it is our duty to understand consciously where this thing is going. Given that most of American Christianity participates to varying degrees in that Cult of Odin, by imagining Jehovah in terms of that sort of grouchy and capricious Nordic sonuvabitch deity, we really don’t share much with them. Nonetheless, they are winning right now in their Crusade. We don’t justify what they do, but had better understand it and see that God is behind it as He herds the cattle of human politics.

The one thing we can defend in all of this is the increased trend toward decentralizing social controls. The lefties are welcome to their SJW enclaves, but they had damned well better not try to throw that shit on the rest of America. Meanwhile, the shit from the righties represents the stink of the the majority-in-effect. And while it’s just a few foolish lefty thugs who press their complaints with violence on the majority-in-effect, the failure of the other lefties to condemn the violence means they encourage it, and it will most certainly come back on them and anyone who fails to put some distance between themselves and the mainstream lefty leadership. I fully understand the anger, but I cannot condone the nasty rhetoric and violence that follows behind it.

Carp if you feel the need, but don’t expect God to turn this around for your convenience. Our duty to God under the Law of Noah is to find a place to stand and assert His divine dominion in whatever way is left to us. This way you can put away the carping and present a strong prophetic warning about how the dominant Odinites are chasing heathen dreams, same as the Oesterites. And by exercising divine moral character over our limited domain, we prove the justice of our message.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to Heathen Religious Wars

  1. Christine says:

    ” If the residents start shooting invaders who won’t behave themselves, nobody has any damned business complaining. ”

    I would like to take a moment here to point something out to the readers, if I may.

    The recent shooting at a Mosque in Quebec City is being portrayed by some news sources as an example of a resident ‘shooting invaders who won’t behave themselves’. This was absolutely not the case. In that particular instance – as is the norm, rather than the exception, in Canada – these Muslims were not in any way “misbehaving”. In fact, this Muslim community, made up of many different immigrant populations, was/is well established and respected as part of the greater fabric of Quebec City. My heart, and those of most Canadians, grieves with their families right now.

    The shooter was a maladjusted young white man whose chose to splash his pain on everyone around him. That he chose to shoot innocent men in the back while they prayed had nothing to do with the behaviour of the victims or their place in the larger community and everything to do with his inability to deal with his own demons.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Quite right; the local community had no significant complaints of misbehavior. I was thinking more of the raging violence in Europe.


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