Don’t Lie to Yourself

The greatest folly is believing lies about your threats. Satan loves to inflate our imagination about his powers. His powers are great, but not what popular mythology suggests he can do. But the same goes for just about anyone who is a problem for you. I have said Trump’s presidency will bring us problems, but if you keep blindly buying into the media crap about him, after you already know that they despise him with passionate hatred, you will not understand how to handle the real problems he brings. I suggest you take a look at this analysis by Scott Adams to understand how Trump operates. This is not meant to glorify Trump, but to help us clarify what we should expect.

For example, his travel ban was not on Muslims. Lots of Muslim from other countries are still coming into the US. It was a ban on seven countries already identified as sources of trouble under Obama. In fact, many of the people making the loudest noise in Congress have already promoted, even signed bills with the same exact ban in the recent years. The only difference is that Trump is making it stick, whereas the others were just making noise. It’s a stupid ban, but let’s evaluate it for what is really wrong with it, not scream and yell about something it isn’t.

This is the propaganda war I warned about. This is why Trump’s noisiest opponents are going to fail: They keep criticizing a ghost who doesn’t exist, a mythological Trump they imagine and one they want to hate. None of their noise will have any effect on him, but it will eventually make them out to be lying scoundrels. Meanwhile, as nearly as anyone can tell, the majority-in-effect is happy about the ban. And we surely know the enforcers are feeling vindicated by Trump’s generous support. Get real folks, and let’s discuss what’s actually going on here. Otherwise the Father cannot guide us to His glory.

At the same time, let’s recognize another issue of moral blindness: Islam has distinct advantages in the culture wars. First, they remain in a largely tribal social structure. They are fairly close to the original human default of ANE feudalism. Further, without even using the terminology, they tend to operate in heart-led mode. We might not agree with their convictions, but they are more likely to act on theirs than most Westerners do. Their odd approach to religious and social law does at times reflect parts of Noah. However, some of what you see is often too close to Talmudic legalism, but we see that mostly on fringe elements among the extremists. The vast majority of Muslim believers aren’t literal Jihadists.

So your average randomly chosen Muslim in general is closer to Noah’s Law than almost anyone in Western society. Their real problem is that they don’t know God; their version of Deity is taken mostly from an ancient Arabic Moon god. Thus, He still herds them like cattle, but they do have some advantages. You’ll notice their instincts for tribal occupation is rather close to the Bible. They understand instinctively the tribal domain boundaries and the obligation to protect them. This is why the military destruction of their cities and economic infrastructure doesn’t defeat them. No Western army will ever change their way of life. Their convictions are stronger than death.

You can wipe them out or you can enslave them, but you cannot change them wholesale. Only God can do that. Would that our own faith were that strong.

As I’ve said recently, our only problem with Muslims is letting Israel run our foreign policy in the Middle East. Those seven countries Trump banned are typically places where Israel has demanded we intervene on their behalf to generate instability. While the finer points of Trump’s game have yet to be seen, it’s not quite fair to say he’s slavish about pampering Israel. But he is far, far too solicitous.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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