War on the Horizon

This is just an intuition, a perception based on heart-sensing the mood of the people: We are going to war.

I realize there’s been lots of media noise about likely targets of American military force, but it’s just noise. It really doesn’t matter in the sense that there’s a big false perception that fouls the moral sphere. The mood is one of scanning around to find someone to blame for certain problems. The target will be the one caught in the cross hairs when the dam breaks.

It also makes little difference where this feedback loop started; the net result is the thing we face. There is a powerful moral interaction between the Whitehouse and the majority-in-effect. If you can understand the moral climate, then you’ll also realize that the opposition is part of that feedback loop, as well. Don’t get hung up on individuals; this is a matter of demonic influence.

Let me confess that a part of me was hoping for a shift to more sensible government, at least in some old sore spots. What I never expected was that those particular symbolic issues being done right would come in the same package with such blistering insanity. I knew there had to be some trouble coming with this change, but I had no clear idea what kind of trouble. Once I got past the shock of seeing just what it was, I began to discern the nature of that demonic influence.

This is how fascism works these days. It’s a movement that offers relief to the majority, tired and beaten down by a loud and pestiferous activist minority. But the real problem is the false dichotomy between these two, the communist-socialist lefties and the smothering middle-class righties. They are both rooted in materialism, with radically different plans on how to get that wealth and what to do with it. It’s a tug of war that runs in cycles, and the current swing is to the right.

So we would have had war either way, but the warning here is that, instead of a high probability of nuclear exchange and some kind of apocalypse, we are facing something far more complex and damnable. Instead of wiping out huge populations, they’ll be left to live in slavery. And it’s a slavery all the more depraved for being so perverted and mind-twisting, a soul-eating prison that should make you imagine The Matrix.

Yet this thing is so very easy to break out of, unlike the image in that popular movie. It’s pervasive, yet the “red pill” route of escaping the matrix is just a matter of opening the eyes of your heart. Salvation is right there inside of you already.

One thing you should expect is that the economy really will start churning again. You should understand that our economic troubles will defy the expectations of economists. That is, despite all the reasons why things should just lock up and fail, it won’t happen like that. Some portions of our economy will surge to fresh levels of activity. It’s going to look and feel like some sort of recovery, even as the numbers indicate recession, depression, etc. And it won’t be mere propaganda. Things won’t be peachy, but it’s not going to come crashing down, either.

There will still be plenty of unjust slaughter; that’s what war is. But most of the human activity will take a different focus. It won’t be the simplistic stuff of yesteryear. This is going to be the strangest thing anyone has ever seen on the surface. Sure, you can read historical references back into it in places, but that would miss the point. Our real Enemy is seeking a very big harvest, and this is what we need to see clearly. At the same time, Our Creator is offering redemption in heart-led freedom on a much wider scale, in the sense He’s building a context where it will be much easier to grasp.

Let’s keep our heart-eyes on the moral sphere.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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