Burned on the Altar of Mammon

A nuclear bomb creates a hellish mess. Then it’s over. With most nuclear weapons, the radiation isn’t really the point; it’s all about the destructive power. So while radioactive fallout is a problem, it’s relatively minor in comparison to whatever else the thing does. Ground zero remains a source of radiation, but it’s generally thought to be manageable, since we do have sites in existence to test ideas and prove what works. For example, you probably know that you can’t stay around Bikini Atoll too long, but a quick visit won’t change your health noticeably due to radiation.

A nuclear meltdown is just the opposite. It’s not such a big problem up front, but it’s a lingering mess that gets worse until the fissile elements burn out. The current theoretical estimate is that it takes multiple generations, thousands of years, more time than anyone really knows. And then there are complications possible from where the damned blob sits as it melts and stews.

Yeah, you guessed it: This is about the reactors at Fukushima, Japan. It’s been several years and the experts are noticing serious problems. However, several governments are actively hiding the problem, literally lying about it, and even going so far as punishing folks who make noise about it.

There is no safe dosage of radiation. While our human existence on Earth does include a certain amount of radiation in the first place, this is not Eden. This is not what we were designed for. Our current level of normal background radiation is much higher than it was in Eden. We don’t have time here to chase down all the details, but give a moment’s thought to the image of our planet wrapped in a permanent cloud cover that all came raining down in the days of Noah. That blanket served to block a lot of cosmic radiation we now receive. Radiation is a major problem in human space travel of any kind, because space is so very high in damaging radiation. There is no way to estimate what other protections we lost in the Fall, but we do know that God intended human life here to be virtually endless in His garden. Any exposure to radiation degrades the body and its functions, at the very least contributing to aging and decline.

As always, our Creator is firmly in control. Humans cannot possibly do something He isn’t prepared to handle. The end of this world as we know it will proceed on His planned schedule regardless, and not before. Thus, our power to change this world is limited to increasing our suffering by folly, and surely we can shorten our days on this earth, but God will not permit an untimely extinction event. What’s left for us as heart-led believers is trusting in God and obeying our convictions. Along with that, we make a sober assessment of what’s going on around us.

Those reactors on the northern coast of Japan are pumping out long-half-life toxins, much of it measured in thousands of years. Notice that some of it also chemically toxic, as well. The Pacific Ocean is quickly becoming a toxic stew, and the coast lands will be contaminated for longer than any of us will live to see. As those radioactive blobs melt their way into the ground, there will be a certain amount of chain-reaction that creates radioisotopes from surrounding materials. We have no idea how bad that will get, but we do know that the water leaking back into the ocean is radioactive to a level hard to measure, mostly because the instruments don’t register that high. There’s also a lot of particles blown aloft to fall downwind, typically in the US. Oh, and there is this thing called the Japanese Current that runs up the Aleutian Chain and washes the entire southern Alaska Coast, and all of Canada’s Pacific Coast, and down the Western shores of the US.

Already we find sea life along the North American coast that is too toxic to consume. In fact, mere proximity is risky to some degree. This is a good time to give up eating anything that comes from the Pacific Ocean. Most of our tuna comes from there. What are the chances some merchant is going to offer an honest account of radiation dose rate from products of that ocean? Will they even know for themselves? Would you want to carry a Geiger-counter to the grocery store? There is already a radical spike in radiation-related cancers in Japan, but it’s not making the news.

Go to places God calls you, and do what He commands through your heart. Whether He wants to protect you or end your life quickly, there’s no reason to worry about it. His choices for us are far better than we’ll know in this life. However, insofar as He gives you a choice, it’s a good idea to stay east of the Rocky Mountains in the US. That equates to north of the Pacific Coast ranges in Alaska. The current projected exposure rate suggests that the Heartland will be tolerable into the foreseeable future. That means that the added radiation from Fukushima will be hard to measure in terms of life outcomes. Mortality from other causes will tend to eclipse what comes this far from Fukushima.

Just a reminder: Those reactors in Japan were designed and built by GE, a US-based company. Somebody made a lot of money from unforgivably stupid decisions. The current nuclear reactor design is easily the worst way to harness the atom; look up thorium reactor design by contrast. The choices were all about quicker profits. Welcome to the worship of Mammon.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Burned on the Altar of Mammon

  1. Paul says:

    Good one…Also to note sbout Th orium, it does not produce weapons grade material, which is why it was ignored in favour of uranium.


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