Noah and Cultural Identity

A distinctive cultural identity is required under Noah’s Covenant.

In essence, the whole thing rests on the divine calling. God calls every human on this earth to live in a certain place and create a mode of life that implements heart-led moral guidance. In the process, every individual will draw from their own personal heritage and adapt that heritage to match the reality. If your call leaves you close to home, then your cultural identity will tend to stick close to your heritage. When we start having families, we spread that heritage, along with minor adjustments, to succeeding generations. At some point, this spreads to a recognizably distinct culture.

If your calling moves you far from home, it may require more substantial adaptation, but it will always echo elements of what you brought with you. Those adaptations will shift until you settle into a manageable routine that answers your moral concerns. That shift may take more than one generation. However, in most cases it tends to settle into a distinct heritage of custom and belief. That’s human nature; it’s part of our wiring from Creation. It’s affected by the Fall, but it does not come from the Fall.

When we bring a heart-led awareness to the question, we recognize that it’s no more than the necessary organization of human existence. The mind has to embrace, then organize and implement what the heart delivers as moral necessity. Aimless behavior responding to momentary appetites passing through the lower levels of our awareness is wallowing in the Fall. But so is rejecting revelation passed into our awareness from the heart. Your intellect cannot know Creation; only your heart is able to sense and understand reality on that level. That we are brushing up against Creation, including other humans, in proximity where we abide, requires further adjustments to account for the moral necessity of respect for God as Creator.

While no two of us will ever have exactly the same implementation within our heads for how to live by our heart’s guidance, a critical element in Noah’s Law is honoring all the struggle of previous generations who left us some package of culture. It’s exceedingly rare that God will call upon you to toss the whole thing in the trash at once. Notice that I’m not saying you shouldn’t ditch a bad cultural orientation; otherwise we are stuck with the huge substrate of Western immorality. Rather, we recognize that it’s better to accept some external manifestations as a starting point to building a better culture. There are customary paths packed into your soul and it simply is not possible to change all of them by any act of will. You heart will always tell you what needs changing sooner or later, and the process of adjustment will last until you die.

It is inevitable that we will encounter other cultures. The biblical standard is keeping a respectful distance. That is, surely some things will overlap and we’ll share, but if you find it too easy to simply adopt someone else’s culture, it’s because you really don’t know who you are in God’s calling. Wild mixing willy-nilly is simply wrong for the obvious reason that you haven’t spent much time before God. You can’t know His will because you can’t know what your heart says. In order to retain your moral identity, you have to keep some distance and guard your own heritage. It’s too easy to buy into something that appeals to your fleshly lusts. There will always be conflicting values; that’s natural and normal under Noah. Nothing in this requires hostility until someone from outside makes intrusive demands as if they own you.

So the objective looks like peaceful coexistence, but it does not mean the kind of total surrender promoted by elitists who espouse globalism. That kind of globalism is an artificial culture in itself. They call that guarded distance “racism” and “hatred” even when you embrace people with a different DNA into your own covenant family. These globalists are looking for control, not peace. If someone wants a part of your blessing from God, they’ll have to embrace the terms on which you received that blessing. There are all kinds and degrees of compromise that make for peace, meeting halfway and learning to get along without losing your identity.

But your identity starts with hearing the call from God and obeying it within the context. There is no possible way you can obey Noah’s Law by surrendering your culture. It is inherently evil and sinful to pretend that there could be a cosmopolitan culture that embraces everyone and everything. The only way to do that is through the most satanic oppression, with some fallen human elite making decisions for someone else. They cannot make any claim that it’s in your best interest, simply because they cannot know what God wants for you without being pretty close to your covenant family. All culture, and any adjustment to customary behavior, is the outgrowth of family identity. You cannot obey Noah’s Law unless you associate in a tribal social structure. In our world today, that typically requires a covenant family.

Keep this in mind: God says that nobody has any business poking around in your daily life unless they are related by blood or covenant.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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