Utopian Madness

We saw it coming.

Just to remind you, several of you agreed with me that we could all sense a shift in reality, that God changed His plans for us. Because there were a number of us who rediscovered the heart-led life, and because we made it a conscious teaching, it opened the door for options He had previously kept back. Among other things, those options include a collection of blessings, miracles, signs and wonders in a way not seen on the earth in a very long time. This was all His initiative; we receive the blessings because we took Him up on His offer. He was looking for someone — anyone — who would seize this fabulous heritage of faith, and there is far more for each of us than we could ever understand.

From the Exodus we learn how God can distinguish His own from the rest of humanity, because we have the Blood of the Lamb on our coming and going. The image of that sacrificial blood daubed on the door-posts hearkens to embracing His mercy on our sins. The death from rejecting His ways will not invade our lives. He has broken the Curse that blinds us to His ways and His blessings. It releases a flood of power in our lives, protecting us from the zombie existence that consumes those who reject God’s ways.

Part of the signs and wonders of His covenant promise is the polarity that makes things obvious, in order to show His glory. The polarity is that some of us can discern this vast shift in the moral sphere and have some idea what to expect, whereas the rest of humanity runs smack face-first into this shift in reality. Not so we can laugh, but it is so we can see the high cost of sin. It’s so we can see His hand of wrath and bear testimony to what we see. And while it always comes with a deniability factor for those who are morally blind, we cling to the truth revealed in our hearts. We refuse to limit ourselves to a viewpoint that ignores the moral sphere. We choose what others call “delusion” in order to come face to face with the Lamb of God.

So now we see the inevitable madness that comes with that shift in reality. Now that it is possible for people to learn and understand heart-led living, it is also mandatory for living here on this earth. For some time in human history, the heart-led way was lost to broad human awareness. A system arose that excluded it; that time is ended. Whatever system God permitted during that time is no longer applicable. A more fundamental element of Noah’s Covenant is again available, ransomed from Satan on some grounds we cannot comprehend, but it’s out there and it applies. Without the heart-mind consciousness, without a sense of walking in your convictions, the world will seem to have become warped and unreliable versus previously seeming reliable in some ways.

Because we are a virtual parish, a big part of what we can teach and do is here on the Internet. If you’ve been paying attention, you probably have seen all kinds of bogus claims. I’m not talking about people who have always been out there on the fringe; I’m referring to the mainstream starting to spew the craziest nonsense. It’s not just mere propaganda meant to mislead, but the wildest airy-fairy perversions that these people actually believe. They come up with the most improbable explanations for things they cannot account for under normal mainstream expectations. It’s no longer just the usual partisan bickering any more, though it still includes that. It’s not just the obvious moral degradations. The Net is dominated by mentally unhinged wacko proposals for explaining what’s happening.

It helps if you are conscious of your own social biases. We all have them. I tend to be libertarian, perhaps in some ways almost theoretically anarchist, only because I know that current political systems are so horribly wrong. And nobody proposes what God requires under Noah. Some of you, given what you have on your blogs, are quite progressive, perhaps even socialist or communist, though I hope you don’t buy into the materialist assumptions behind a lot of that. Being lefty doesn’t make you my enemy; I’m against some of the same wrongs. There’s room for all of us in this parish, because God calls people with varying missions that make us naturally favor organizing things in ways that seem to resemble one or another political theory. My point is that we dare not take ourselves too seriously. We must be able to recognize who we are and never assume our way is the one right way of God.

What’s left is to recognize what God is up to, and most assuredly we need to see what He is allowing to happen for reasons we could never comprehend. Our Lord is allowing the political globalists to be crushed. He is allowing a right-wing backlash in a lot of countries. It’s going to look and feel racist to some of you, but don’t get the idea that it has to be stopped on those grounds. God has ordered Satan to execute a lot of punishment, to loose the hounds of recompense for sin. Surely we who walk by the heart know that a lot of noise about “racism” misses the point, that the only real solution is one-on-one. You cannot simply wish away the Curse of the Fall. You also cannot dream up your own solutions to human problems.

The only solution to the madness is embracing the heart-led existence. This is our message to the crazy world around us. This is how we discern the pitiful attempts to explain reality gone wrong. It’s wrong because people keep proposing all kinds of answers when they don’t even understand the problems. Utopian myths never die until they are killed by wisdom of the heart.

And we can see clearly that it’s only going to get worse.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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