They Will Say They Had No Choice

Civil war, a revolution, is unavoidable.

The biggest problem to understanding this is the false image of a two-party system. The elites have managed to keep the population distracted by a false dichotomy between left and right. While that may reflect the actual cultural divide at the street level, it has had little to do with how this country was ruled. In broad general terms, the cultures of the left and right have been fighting each other for a long time. The US has been polarized between two implacable ways of life, two irreconcilable cultures seeking to destroy each other. We were never united in any sense of the word, except by a false appearance of holding to a system of government. Meanwhile, the government has never been either left or right, but has been two groups using folks who thought of themselves as left or right.

I stand by my previous analysis: The globalists and imperialists were the ruling elite parties, able to work together with limited bickering and competition over some details. They took turns at the feeding trough. The globalists steered the left, while the imperialists controlled the right. Both sides have kept their constituents in the dark about their true agenda. Both ruling elite groups have pretended to give their constituents something those folks believed they wanted, but it was always what the elites wanted. Policy has been rape, pillage and plunder painted as largess.

But then, one of those sides eventually lost their grip; they lost control of their slaves. The chains were never real in the first place. Somehow a few key folks on the street level figured out what was going on and that awareness slowly spread among the masses until they quit believing the lies.

The imperialists have lost their constituency on the right. It’s not that cut-n-dried, but that’s the nature of the change. While the elites struggle to maintain control through the existing system of governmental channels, it’s slipping and generally failing. The globalists are still in control of their slaves on the left — just barely. The globalists managed to crush their own popular revolt during the election, so this makes things uneven and messy. It turns out the majority-in-effect is nationalist and nobody has been protecting their interests, left or right. Once they came out of the shadows to declare their agenda, it drew a lot of folks who had previous played both sides, and some very thoughtful folks from the left. The nationalists are now the majority-in-effect at the street level, and are actually neither completely left or right, as nationalism is another category entirely, useful to both left and right agendas.

The man they elected remains somewhat a cipher, in part because there is virtually nobody in the system who really agrees with him. Yes, there is some overlap, so he’s not a total outsider, but he isn’t part of the existing system, either. Too many of those eager to work with him don’t actually share his interests. That much is obvious, even if we don’t know his long-term game plan. On top of that, it’s pretty obvious he is flexible instead of doctrinaire about a lot of issues. We cannot estimate to what degree his pragmatism will allow the imperialists to hang around. But what we do know is that the majority-in-effect on the street does have a pretty clear objective. As they see it, the system has been rigged by those who pull the strings to favor the left.

In their minds, this requires a genuine revolution. You should understand that, while their president is a serious threat to the existing order, they are an even bigger threat. They are the ones who will break stuff and kill people. However, they will do it in their own way, while the folks on the left will do precisely what they falsely claim the right will do. The so-called “antifascists” (AKA “antifa”) are the real Brownshirts here.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t favor either of the dominant cultures. Both are reprehensible, rooted in materialism. The common labels are all misleading in that sense because each pretends to some higher moral value, when it’s really all about who gets the goods. The pretense of balanced competition is gone now. There will be a civil war and how it plays out is already determined by the peculiarities of each side and how they tend to fight.

Both sides are deadly and violent. There is some overlap in that sense, but they approach the use of violence differently. Neither holds the moral high ground; the point is to understand how it’s going to turn out based on the peculiarities. What we are up against is a very massive misunderstanding about the whole thing because the globalists have dominated the public media in favor of the left since before most Americans were born. And that side is going to lose. The left is not organized that way at the street level; their self-identity is limited opposing a single man who isn’t their real threat. They are attacking a ghost, a false image, and doing it from a minority position.

Dear readers, the only reason this isn’t going to turn into an apocalypse is because the side that is going to win has a strong self-identity and is well organized. The new nationalists aren’t really on the right any more. They have seized the reins of official power. The left will balk and throw up obstacles, trying to claim the moral high ground, but this will fail in the long run. The greatest weakness of the left is their globalist leadership. This is no longer a game played by the rules between globalists and imperialists; both of them have lost. And they are not really in a position to unite against the nationalist rabble in the streets.

The imperialists still stand a chance of hijacking this thing eventually. They understood to some degree the weakness of their position. The globalists didn’t see this coming. Instead of losing gracefully, the globalists have panicked and provoked a bloodbath. They thought they had already won the friendly competition, but have overplayed their hand and lost it all. They hitched their wagon to a megalomaniac. They could have likely won by playing it smart as a group and reading the high enthusiasm behind the honest socialist. But they allowed the whole thing to become a personal battle of one woman’s will and it was too painfully obvious to everyone. So it was all or nothing and there was no possibility of reorganizing and strengthening themselves for another day. The frustrated socialists with a nationalist streak are no longer behind them. What’s left is a very weak weapon of paid rioters who can’t do any real damage.

Meanwhile, the globalists within government are at risk. Quite literally, their days are numbered. This is becoming a common thought among folks on the nationalist right:

If what it takes to break the stranglehold this cult has on society is a dictator willing to toss a few judges from a helicopter, then sign me up for dictatorship. I’d much prefer to live in a society where me and my neighbors meet once a month to govern ourselves and our community, but that’s not on offer. What is on offer now is the post-modern theocracy that uses the corrupted and degraded tools of 18th century liberalism to maintain its grip on society. Squads of government men rounding these people up in the middle of the night sounds pretty good right now.

Totalitarians attempt to change the world and human nature, by controlling all aspects of society, including the granular aspects of the political system. It’s what makes reform impossible as we are quickly seeing with the opposition to Trump’s policies. It’s not that they object, on policy grounds, to the very mild reforms that are being proposed. What is at issue is the very concept of the all encompassing world state. To permit reform is to permit questioning and that can never be tolerated.

The only way to break the totalitarian stranglehold may be with a an authoritarian willing to bust down doors and crack some heads. Authoritarianism is only concerned with political power and as long as that is not contested it gives society a certain degree of liberty. You can still have judges falling out of helicopters as we saw with Pinochet, but the people can still go about their lives, free from the hectoring of secular fanatics living off the tax payers. Trump ordering the execution of the 9th Circuit is not ideal, but it beats the hell out of being ruled by angry lunatics from San Francisco.

The guy who wrote this is representative of the nationalist right. Given the sense of betrayal on the nationalist left, they won’t likely resist much. This is what the majority-in-effect is thinking, and many are starting to admit it. Whether it plays out the way he describes remains to be seen, but if not the man in the Whitehouse, his supporters are ready and willing to do it for him. And they’ll do it in such a way as not to disrupt the life of ordinary folks because that’s how they do things. The senseless riots will stop because the leaders who enable the left will be dead.

It will be a rather quiet revolution.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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