Above the Conflict in the Thick of Battle

(This continues the background narrative to explain something that God has commanded of me.)

We are staring in the face the end of Western Civilization. Instead of one big, all-encompassing cataclysm, this will be the death of a thousand cuts. That is, Western countries will all be radically changed in all kinds of ways, and none of them will be Western any more. Keep in mind that the transition won’t be patently obvious; there will be no clear line of demarcation. Rather, it will be the bleeding away of those traits that combine to distinguish Western Civilization from previous and future civilizations.

Don’t pick out a few details and imagine that you understand the West. This requires a much bigger picture. For now, just keep in mind that it’s not enough to hold the remnants of Greco-Roman Civilization, but Western identity also requires the peculiar outlook and morals of the Germanic Tribes. For the most part, it is the end of the Germanic culture that matters most here. In other words, it is the end of Euro-Caucasian and Anglo-American culture (the two are siblings).

Here in the US, it is the peculiar tensions inherent in Anglo-Saxon mythology that will explain the final destruction of our nation’s American identity. The dreary world of Beowulf will become a historical curiosity and some of us will not miss it when it dies. In previous posts I wrote about the latter day cults based on the conceptual conflict in Anglo-Saxon mythology between male and female. The point here is how that conflict will be the means of destruction.

Keep in mind that it’s not a question of counting noses but of noticing the trends of demonic influence and how that works. The demons serve as the whip-hand of God; their activity is His wrath. Their power arises from humans leaving their lives open to them; they fail to secure their lives from demonic influences. Demons are at home in their lives and assert Satan’s authority because nothing keeps them out. We know that what disarms demons is our heart-led obedience to God’s Law. Their influence is highly restricted by holiness.

Further, we should realize that such demonic influence works through people, so that, while our war is against demonic forces (Ephesians 6:10-20), we end up having to face human interference and resistance to a holy life. That bogus male-female conflict is inherently contrary to the Law of God. His Law resolves all the conflicts and puts things in their proper place. While the actual concrete results will vary, those of us who walk in His Law will escape that wrath, though we shall surely be splattered by the resulting mess around us. The world is going to Hell, as it were.

A prominent manifestation of that Hell rising into our human space is the fundamental cultural conflict between the idolatry to false deities that characterize the conflict between male and female in Anglo-Saxon mythology. Some commentators (1)have noticed (2)this conflict. Fred Reed is 1, and Scott Adams is 2; Reed talks about the concrete danger, while Adams tries to keep it cerebral.

I prefer to characterize these two sides for now as focused on process versus outcomes. Please keep in mind that generalizations are useful, but never totally accurate. They help us see the bigger picture, but don’t take offense or pat yourself on the back either way.

Focusing on the process places the ultimate moral value on playing by the rules. This is an attempt to objectify reality, so it encourages folks to accept uneven results because that’s the way things are. It’s rather grouchy and heartless. This makes a god of “the rule of law.” Keep in mind that the devotees of this cult draw the images of law and objective reality from a mixture of Germanic mythology and some pretense to pure reason and logic. We call this the “right.”

Focusing on the outcomes places the ultimate moral value on keeping everyone at peace. However, it tends to make mountains out of molehills, focusing on relatively minor differences the way children do. It’s a peace that is harshly enforced in the external details. It’s a highly materialistic approach that seldom fully grasps the actual causes of problems and attempts to enforce desired outcomes at all costs. This is where we get the pushy demands for bizarre accommodations of various disadvantages, both real and imagined. It approaches “the ends justify the means” as the deity they serve. This is labeled the “left.”

There is no reconciling these two as long as they remain on the human level. Both are highly materialistic in approach, so that it’s all about mechanisms instead of wisdom and foresight. One side cannot admit the logic of the other as each arises from a different god at war with the other. There can be no discussion of fundamental values as variables; they are sacred and immutable. As we can see looking back upon the nature of the political conflicts, these two sides are diverging further yet, and the tactics against each other escalate. There has already been bloodshed and it will get worse.

Yet again, this does not characterize the actual elite rulers. Rather, the elite portray the world this way for their constituents. It has worked rather well to keep the little people busy while the elite engage in rape, pillage and plunder behind the scenes. The problem is that this ruse has run its course, as the tension has reach the breaking point.

Unfortunately for the left, it is the right that has gained dominance at the critical moment. It’s easy for us to sit back and point out how these two sides violate the Law of God, but we had better understand how they operate and why they do what they do. That way we aren’t caught off guard by how this battle goes. We can remain aloof from the basic conflict even as we infiltrate the system and prepare to exploit things for God’s glory. We must show ourselves untouched by either side’s insane idolatries and demonstrate a preference that undercuts both.

Nothing prevents us employing divine wisdom in asserting God’s Law while serving folks devoted to either side. Nothing prevents us serving the elite, either. As noted in Ephesians, people are not our enemies; demons are the enemy. We are truly neutral and it really doesn’t matter where we serve; the most important thing is the exposure of our moral truth. We simply must engage the world one way or another, and at the risk of appearing at times to be taking sides, we don’t shrink from appearing to some that we lack any principle, because we know that they labor under a false dichotomy. This offers us a chance to say so and make our bold and outlandish claims to a higher realm of existence.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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