Here We Go

By now my regular readers should understand that I have a renewed sense of calling. In particular, it’s an overwhelming sense that God has granted my request for one last mission adventure. What struck me so hard that day while out riding around Draper Lake was the character of the adventure part.

I had a vision of playing some of Daniel’s role. How do you suppose it felt to be conscripted into the imperial bureaucracy of the ruler who destroyed his nation? Daniel understood the wrath of God, and knew that the true enemy was Israel’s lack of commitment to the Covenant. He didn’t blame Nebuchadnezzar for doing what God sent him to do. But he determined to learn from his nation’s failures and willingly faced death to hold fast to the Law of Moses. Daniel’s buddies faced the fiery furnace and Daniel slept with lions.

Some very few of you may be aware that when I first started this blog 8+ years ago, I was then serving as the personal assistant to a real estate broker who was winding down his business because he was going blind. I discovered how I could be loyal to someone personally, standing against the rest of his family even, despite the differences in how he and I viewed the world. He trusted me with knowledge of things no one else knew. It was poorest paying, but best job I ever had. I felt truly alive and in tune with God’s will.

God has told me to get ready to do that job again. It’s not the same as predicting what will happen; I was told to get ready. That command for readiness includes a few things that frankly surprised me. The key element is that I should be ready to work with someone deeply involved in our current political turmoil.

As you probably know, I could care less what position this employer takes on any of that turmoil. There’s nothing in this mess that stirs my hopes for America returning to the Covenant of Noah. My sense of loyalty to government at any level is provisional; it rests on what I see as God’s plans and my sense of calling. I’m not stirred by the propaganda from any source, but I do see God pushing things in a certain direction. My faith binds me to play along, despite knowing it will come to no significant improvement. Thus, I have no vested interest in the outcome of any political efforts.

This is what equips me to serve the man instead of his agenda. The context elevates the moral importance of the personal loyalty that characterizes God’s very own personality in Creation. It’s not about process or outcomes, but it’s all about that personal connection. That’s our God. People are going to see that; it will be a testimony in itself.

Folks, one more time: What we see in American politics is not about the famous faces that dominate the media. Those faces are mere manifestations, symptoms of the deep failure of the American Way. Despite all the rhetoric, America as we knew it is done. So whatever labels men use, I can assure you that no one can save or restore anything. And because of how very bad it has been all along, there will be some awful stuff happening at the end of it. The broader injustice will spawn a million small injustices. From a human viewpoint, it will seem that people die for nothing, and many will suffer lesser fates that appear to have no connection to their moral conduct. This is no longer America as people once imagined it.

So a lot of changes are coming, some of them quite shocking to our human senses. Because I’m striving to stay in tune with God’s moves here, I’ve personally been put through at lot of little changes. I’m not in a position to predict what’s coming, but I know how to hang on as things force my hands. What you see on this blog is sure to change, too. It’s a time of shifting things around, and some of you will stop visiting here so much, while new folks show up as the mission follows this wild path.

Sister Christine has resigned her role as Mama Elder. It’s a good move for her; she needs to give her attention and energy to other things. Join me in pronouncing God’s blessings on her work. I’m leaving the link to her blog on my blogroll because we have learned so very much from her insight.

Jay DiNitto in on board as our new elder. God alone knows what Jay’s service will bring to us, but he has a unique wisdom that will bless you.

There is no timetable for any new adventures for me. All I know right now is the dire necessity of making sure I’m ready for it. At the same time, I sense that a lot of you will also face some big changes; the spiritual fruit of this age has ripened.

God bless you all.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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9 Responses to Here We Go

  1. 19maude56 says:

    I’m sensing the shift in the spiritual atmosphere, and looking forward to seeing how it all will unfold.Blessings to you.


  2. You said, “America returning to the Covenant of Noah”
    But there is a better covenant than the covenant of Noah; don’t settle for good when the best came with the death, resurrection, ascension, glorification of Christ Jesus in our Father. After the blood was put on the mercy seat, He sent another Counselor, even the Spirit of Truth, to be with and in us forever; to form the covenant between our Father and his Christ through the Lamb of God in us now and forever and ever…
    the world was destroyed once by water and the rainbow is the sign that God will never again destroy the world by water…
    but after the destruction of the old covenant world by fire in 70 AD, the external temple completely destroyed, leaving not one stone unturned,
    we are the new temples of the new covenant of the Kingdom of Christ for the Holy Spirit of God to dwell; for the latter glory to return to that is greater than the former glory of the old covenant…
    no sign but the sign of Jonah, 3 days of darkness followed by the eternal Day of Christ for those who believe and receive…
    Jonah was a type and shadow…
    Christ was the fulfillment…there are no shadows or darkness in Christ, the fulfillment of the law and prophesy, so we can live in Christ in the fulfillment; more than conquerors in Christ, being led by the Spirit of God, sent by Jesus as Jesus was sent by the Father…kingdom workers, kingdom citizens, no longer of the world but of our Father’s Family: Father of every family in heaven and on earth, now and is to come from glory to glory. Our one Father who is above all and through all and in all in Christ, Christ in us…
    God bless you! God’s highest and best to you!


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    I suppose you are missing some of the context, but we aren’t in dispute here. Earthly governments can obey Noah; only individuals can embrace Christ.


  4. but isn’t the government of America based on rule of the people, individuals, sovereign nationals only under God?
    the antiChrist shadow government a corporate entity?


  5. Ed Hurst says:

    No, American government is not based on the people. That’s the myth; nor would I call it the Antichrist, either. That’s not the point. Regardless how a government is formed or how it operates, no individual can decide for another to follow Christ. You cannot build a government based on private faith. The Covenant in Christ’s Blood was never meant to be a governing covenant; that’s why the rainbow still shines behind the throne in Revelation. An earthly government can and should decide to embrace Noah; that’s a covenant of government, not individual faith. I try to make it a point to keep the Two Realms separate. I also point out that prior to Christ, Moses was never about individual salvation; it was a covenant of government. The Covenant of Abraham is the most ancient model of faith prior to Christ.


  6. Ed Hurst says:

    Let me add a bit more: Christ in your heart; Noah in your hands. We organize our human response to Christ using the Law of Noah. We organize and run our churches on Noah. Our homes and households are organized by Noah’s Law. Christ expresses His reign in our lives using Noah. Acts 15 essentially instructs the churches to obey Noah’s Law. Noah is how we organize our brains and activities to show the reign of Christ. I can’t rule as an elder by Christ but I can with Noah. You can fake Christ; you can’t fake Noah.


  7. Jay DiNitto says:

    Sorry to see Christine go! But glad she is doing what she needs to.


  8. I thought I lived in a republic and pledged all those years to one nation under God…
    I am thankful we agree about Christ because I am nothing without Him! God bless you!


  9. Christ is in my heart and hands; once we foretaste the glory, once we start encountering our Father as a son; once we begin to experience the Son as Bridegroom, living, active, pure, holy Spirit manifesting, expressing and acting in the world, we are forever changed from glory to glory.
    Thank you for your service to our America as a veteran and God bless you!


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