Latest Fitness Efforts

01tirestorefirecleanThese are shots I took on Friday’s ride up north. The first one is the old tire store that burned down awhile back. Somebody finally cleared off the site; I have no idea whether anyone will build there again. It’s less of an eyesore on my route north. Still, most of my shots aren’t so much trying to show something as just answering the call of Creation to take a picture. The value of these images is what each one says to you.

02ncannrcrutchocrkI’ve just started to pick up the pace a little on the bike. I first noticed it as the urge to push a bit. Now I’m staying on it a little harder and a little longer. I still take time for pictures when something calls to me. It’s important to pay attention and let my heart run the show. But now my riding feels more like training, as training has taken a higher priority now.

03oldshedWhile most of what you’ll see in this collection of shots is still winter drab color, the green-up has begun. For example, I’m seeing henbit and chickweed both sprouting around the apartment complex. If you look closely at the foreground on this image to the right, you’ll see the first sprouts of green just about everywhere.

04quietspotAnd of course, I still seem to hear that call to prayer on almost every ride. There’s not always a lot on my mind, but plenty on my heart. Right now, the sense of calling to prepare for a mission adventure is overwhelming. So in the midst of what I have been doing all along, I’m working and praying hard on more recovery from that collision last year the chewed up my right knee. Today I was able to stand up on the pedals for the first time. Just a few strokes, and still a little discomfort, but I can do it now when needed.

05ruralbridgeI’m starting to alternate long rides with more intensive full body workouts again. Today I rode to Barnes Park and used some of the equipment to simulate a gym workout. I’ll be sore in the morning, but it’s worth preserving whatever fitness my aging body can handle. That I have the urging of the Spirit and a promise of blessing is not taken for granted, but has become a conscious part of the routine. I’m always thankful.

06abandonewellhouseSometimes the stuff I see reminds me not to let myself go like the owners of the property. I’m not worried about weight; that usually takes care of itself. I’m more concerned with my clothes still fitting properly. That is, my waist needs to stay down to a reasonable size. It’s not so bad if I have to give stuff away because it doesn’t fit somewhere else on my body.

08crutchocrkmwblvdThe spring rains are hitting more frequently now. We could have another frost or two, but winter is gone here in Central Oklahoma. It’s more likely we’ll see damaging storms and flash floods.

Stay faithful, brothers and sisters.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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