Not Grumpy, Just Realistic

If you think Microsoft is treating their users bad by firing their entire quality assurance team and foisting alpha and beta ware on everyone, or their Orwellian snooping built into the OS, and the forced advertising, you should see how they treat folks who don’t use their software. Several stories have cropped up lately that indicate their spiteful tactics haven’t changed. When they can’t buy you out, they simply destroy you.

A lot of the reports are anonymous for obvious reasons. Folks who manage IT projects have been facing proverbial torture from Microsoft inquisitors for the sin of running something besides Windows on their computers. More than one manager has been fired because he/she turned down a Microsoft (MS) sales pitch. Not fired because their superiors loved Windows, but fired because their bosses were threatened by a massive company that could buy them out and close the shop — and MS has done it several times. It’s raw oppression in the name of decidedly inferior products.

A case in point is the recent “review” by the municipal government of Munich, Germany. Various government officials deny it, but insiders are leaking the facts: After ten years of the city using their own Linux distribution, MS has finally rubbed everyone raw. Their lobbyists have leveraged political pressure from every regional and national agency Munich deals with to force Munich back into the MS fold. And you thought the CIA was rough on governments they didn’t like. No, really; MS hires hatchet men just for this purpose, psychopaths who have no morals at all.

There must be some iconoclasm in my blood; I love it when people are willing to take some risks in ripping the cover off secretive dirty dealing. It amuses me when people gore the sacred cows. For example, while I really don’t like the slimy James O’Keefe, I love it when anyone manages to prove what we all knew or suspected all along. His next exposé will show up CNN.

Here’s a general principle: Someone who truly believes in something will not be intimidated, particularly by attempted public shaming. When the partisan rhetoric closes off certain avenues of debate, they are always shocked when their opponents are willing to wear the scarlet letter to spite them. You tell me I can’t claim to support the troops if I don’t support their immoral mission? Fine, I don’t support the troops. Watch those troops support me.

If you thought Anglo-Saxons were bad back in the days when slavery was legal, just wait until you back them into a corner with anti-white racist rhetoric. You’ll discover the meaning of “scorched earth.” Just take a quick review of Beowulf to get a feel for how Anglo-Saxon culture looks at the world. You have to be born into a Germanic culture to enjoy reading it. There is a powerful subconscious element of doom, a sense that everything is going to Hell sooner or later, so grab a little glory and enjoy the berserker spirit. They’ll gladly die taking down their enemies for nothing more than pure spite. Everyone has their breaking points, but it’s the backlash that distinguishes cultures. It was Anglo-Saxon spirit that seized upon nuclear weapons and has already used them. What a nasty culture; I renounced it long ago.

The world has gone mad. It’s getting harder to see evidence of wisdom. The vast majority of humanity would prefer peaceful coexistence, but they keep letting people lead who suffer delusions of grandeur. This is the awful consequence of Western mythology about democracy. The most godly leaders in the whole sweep of human history were drafted, not volunteers. In Scripture, the shepherd is conscripted by God, often while he was pursuing other plans. Whatever problems we might imagine such leaders have caused, our “sacred” democratic ideals have brought us to a far worse state. The only people eager to rule are psychopaths.

This is my Father’s world. I don’t have to cling fearfully to whatever little bit of property I’ve amassed by my talents and self will. I’m an heir to the whole of Creation, and it’s a world that sings to me of my Father’s glory. True joy and peace, the sheer giddy delight of communion with His character in all the I see and touch — no one take that way from me. It’s the paradox of knowing that we live in shadows, a kind of Hell before dying, even while we bask in the light of His favor. It’s a taste of what’s to come. I have the sure promise that what awaits after my passing from this world is even better.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Not Grumpy, Just Realistic

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Interesting Zerohedge link. CNN is the worst…not that the other networks are any better…but CNN is as establishment news as one can get.


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