The Field of Harvest

One of the pillars of Christian Mysticism is a commitment to truth. All truth is God’s truth; everything worth hearing is going to reflect in some way the divine moral character of our Creator. He is Truth personified; truth always reflects something of His personal nature. We use synonyms and parabolic symbols to indicate this, calling it the Word, divine revelation, His glory, etc. It has little to do with facts, but it most certainly sets facts in order by providing a structure and order based on moral significance. That only thing that matters is what God says matters.

We rejoice when His glory shines. It means that things are in their proper places. It’s a taste of shalom, which in turn is a taste of Heaven. It’s a touch of Eternity and we can’t get enough of it. We still rejoice when that glory shines to expose sin through His wrath. And we rejoice when the facts are pulled out into plain site to shatter deception, because at the same time, it is a manifestation of how this world is a Shadowlands.

I’ve tried to warn that reality is flexible, and that those of us who fully embrace heart-led living will see the variability that un-hearted folks cannot see. But we certainly understand their viewpoint; it was ours once. We know what sort of impact a better accounting of the facts has on them.

As God’s wrath falls upon America, it’s not going to be like the Flood, where everything starts from scratch. It will be a lot of havoc and destruction, and in the midst of it will be a certain targeting of those whom God deems particularly offensive against His revelation. But we know that those people will not simply cease to exist. Rather, they’ll be pushed aside as events sweep past them and leave them behind. Meanwhile, those who are useful to Him will surf that flash-flood current far into the future. Those left behind will sink into obsolescence, no longer having a significant part in things, anchored to a fantasy of the past.

I’ve been trying to indicate something about that flash-flood. The action is the Internet, folks, not the legacy forms of entertainment and information. Where the latter has tried to invade the former, it already fails even now. The recent national elections were won and lost on the Net. Specifically, it was via social media, not the mainstream sources. If you happen to be in any way politically active, you had better get to work on that social media machine and forget about the rest of it.

And while you are at it, you have to use it properly. Bringing old media tricks with you won’t work. The single greatest power of human persuasion today is digging, doxing and exposing. Not some wild propaganda smears, you’ll need to present the best facts you can find that speak to the moral sensibilities of those you seek to persuade. You have to understand your audience, and appeal to them. You can’t simply assume that what moves you is going to touch everyone. If you can’t speak the language of the opposition, they won’t hear you.

Meanwhile, we who are simply trying to spread the message of heart-led living don’t have to worry about that. We purposely confine ourselves to speaking the language of the heart because there’s nothing about this that is persuasive. We don’t want folks to change their minds; we want to awaken their hearts to rule their minds. All we can hope to do is trigger a heart-led response in those whom God has prepared to hear that message. The only time we worry about digging, doxing and exposing is simply to make the point that you can’t really accomplish anything useful in politics. Our target audience is a tiny, thin slice of humanity.

And because we are so few and so thinly spread, our primary field of outreach will be that same Internet. We don’t ignore the local outreach by any means, but we should always be aware that the primary path to building a higher density of heart-led folks in meat space means capturing most of them in virtual space. There’s a paradox here: If you make the message too vanilla and broad, it touches no one much. You have to make it your message to reach those few who can be reached that way.

You don’t have to meet my approval; I’m not coming to inspect your blogs or your Facebook posts, nor your tweets and what-have-you. But you can be sure God knows. If you paste a “like” here on some of my posts, are you also passing that message on to other folks with your own outreach? Make it your message; only refer people here when you still need some more time to build your message, or you believe it really is the best way to reach them. Either way, you can’t claim to bathe in His glory if you aren’t reflecting it into the lives of others.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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