Draper: Better Trails

01roughtrail“Better” is a relative term here. I went back to finish the trail I rode partially way back before the bike crash. It’s just about passable in a vehicle with a decent clearance. 02bigdockAs you can see in the first image, it had a few rough spots the required I dismount to pass over, but only a few. As you can see, the trail is wide and well traveled; it was like this just about the whole way around the shore.

Once I managed to come out at the end of the first section, I was in the main recreational area.03spit It featured the one secured wet dock, four boat ramps, a large administrative visitor’s center, playground equipment and two or three artificial spits thrusting out into the water. The issue for me was the wind; I had to lay my bike down to keep it from blowing over. It was NNW mostly and it really came roaring up after I got to the lake. It made 60° F feel a lot cooler, but I still wore shorts.04facilities I stood for awhile facing into the wind on a large concrete fixture alongside the mutli-lane boat ramp, turned back and shot the visitor center uphill.

05anotherpointThere was a bit of zigzagging involved, but I kept to the shore road south of there. The Parks maintenance crews have been working this stretch really hard. It’s not finished, but it’s very wide and flat. Recent rains turned it into some very mucky patches, but they were dried hard today, with lots of truck tire imprints to make it challenging. It led me to this smaller dock and my chance to get back out onto the main road. It was a long, tiring slog back home facing that wind.

However, I felt pulled up to pray out on the concrete fixture since I had the place to myself. Then again, I felt like I needed some more time on that grassy hilltop overlooking that last dock. We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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