Implications of Vault 7

Re: The American Media Hide From The Truth by Paul Craig Roberts (I’m not sure anyone can stand a full hour of Assange so you might want to skip the video.)

Let’s review some background of moral truth. If you digitize anything and store it on an electronic device, you must regard it as universally open. Sooner or later that digitized material will be accessible to the Internet. Nothing digitized can be permanently private. The primary flaw is not the medium, but the humans handling it. No matter how brilliant your attempt to hide something, there’s always somebody smart enough to find and/or decrypt what you have hidden/encrypted, if they take the notion to try.

So for example, if a gal takes a risque selfie, it will eventually become public. Don’t do it unless you intend to make it public, ladies. Further, there is no such thing as private communications on a cellphone.

From the day of its inception, the CIA has been the single greatest threat to Americans. It’s creation was inevitable. It’s demise will come along with the destruction of America. However, that won’t solve the problems created by the CIA, because there will always be intelligent people with no moral compass. Get this through your head, Americans: The CIA is your enemy. Whatever good might flow from their existence is purely accidental. The mandate to offer certain kinds of protection, and the regulations to empower it, ensures they will only protect themselves and their interests.

Further, it is utterly impossible for this organization to care about our real interests. That’s because it is utterly impossible to create an institution that is loyal to some noble idea. If you try to understand God’s Word from the perspective of the people who wrote it, you’ll realize that humans are hard-wired for one kind of loyalty: individual personal loyalty. That’s as good as it gets with humans. While there is a mythology about loyalty to the flag and all that it supposedly represents, the people who are loudest in promoting that idea are the most deeply deceived about how it actually works in practice. All it does is make you a sucker for obeying faceless psychopaths running hive-minded bureaucracies. Without individual personal loyalty between persons, there is no genuine loyalty to anything at all.

Instead, human loyalty and trust becomes perverted into a hive-mind paranoia that gravitates to secretive efforts to control anything and everything that could possibly affect the institution itself. This is why laws don’t mean a damned thing to the CIA. All Congress can do is force the CIA to hide stuff they aren’t supposed to do. And because of their position as primary guardian of their own secrecy, the CIA will simply lie to anyone and everyone about what they do, and somehow still imagine that they are being “loyal Americans.” The mindset is so wholly detached from the rest of the world that it matches the definition of “delusion.” These people are in another universe altogether.

The Wikileaks dump labeled “Vault 7” contains stuff up to sometime last year that was left exposed on a server somewhere on the Net. Nobody should imagine that the CIA is so very good at what they do. I tend to favor the speculation that it was left there by some contractor, because the CIA loves to use contractors to buffer their agency against public backlash. This time it failed.

But the backlash isn’t from the mainstream media. Why would we have to say it again: The CIA controls as much of the mainstream corporate media as they want. There’s plenty the CIA doesn’t care about, so there’s no need to think it’s all CIA propaganda. But for those issues that the CIA worries about, the media would never go against the CIA’s wishes. Any supposed exposé is always carefully packaged to keep back the really important stuff. Whenever a particular reporter or editor gets out of line, they end up dead. The CIA will not hesitate to murder anyone, anywhere, any time. Those who are not psychopaths by birth are driven into it by the culture inside the institution.

Worse, there are a surprising number of alternative media outlets that they control, as well. Still, the CIA does have limits and so the message of their unaccountable dirty tricks has come out. Another divine moral principle: God will eventually expose sin. God hates secrecy. This is something flatly stated in Scripture. If you cannot carry out your nation’s defense without secrecy, then God will not allow you to defend your nation. You cannot argue with God; do it His way or prepare for divine wrath. And if I have to explain the difference between short-term tactical stealth and harmful secrecy, you really don’t understand morality. God’s Word promises quite literally that those nations who follow His truth will always win their battles. Those who ignore His moral truth will be herded like cattle and eventually slaughtered.

Now, I have some serious skepticism about what Assange is doing with this big pile of CIA secrets. He acts first and foremost in his own personal interest, and Wikileaks is his project. If you ask me, he’s doing his best to support Trump while he petitions the White House secretly for some kind of safe passage out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK. I can’t blame him. But you shouldn’t imagine that we are getting the whole truth from him, either.

We are in a time of tribulation, folks. God’s wrath is upon the USA and what we have seen so far is just the beginning. The key to understanding how this nation will be destroyed is watching the voters who put Trump in office and continue to support him. Trump is just a figurehead, folks. His principles are flexible because his convictions are shaped in terms of keeping the business alive, and he’s running the government like it was any one of his corporations. He’s a salesman extraordinaire. He’s not the President in that sense, but the CEO of America. Meanwhile, the actual changes in America at the ground level will come from the rising nationalist anger in the population. At this point, folks are ready to destroy the system because, as the recent revelation of CIA dirty tricks indicates, the system is broken beyond repair.

On a personal level, your electronic communications were compromised long ago. Anything networked (Internet, cellphone system, etc.) is vulnerable to varying degrees. Given what was revealed in the Vault 7 dump, it looks like Linux (and BSD, etc.) users are generally safer. All cellphones are wide open. Microsoft keeps back-doors in Windows on purpose, so that’s always open. And if the CIA wants to snoop on you, lacking those kinds of devices won’t help; it just makes it a little more work for them. The answer is not better systems with better encryption; the answer is destroying the CIA, and with that comes the end of America.

We knew this was coming, so prepare your mind for it. Reduce your dependency on the system; it’s not sacred and can’t be trusted. The end of the USA as we know it won’t be quite the trauma most people imagine. We still have our divine calling and mission to touch the world around us with His mercy and grace. All this tribulation is just background noise.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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